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So what the hey?!? What does loyalty mean to you? Does it even matter to you? Do you even care or do you care only in certain circumstances? I might have realized that I had some issues from a very young age when I’d become disappointed upon discovering that my blood type was O+ (universal donor) because it was a “common” blood type. Likewise when I learned that I was the dog from the Chinese Zodiac which stands for loyalty. Not that there is anything the matter with dogs, I love them very much but gee could who I was be just a little less obvious!!

But seriously. I’ve settled into the idea of accepting that I am a very loyal type of person and that is largely due to the fact that when I am disloyal it has caused me untold amounts of pain and anguish. I know that my animals appreciate my loyalty to them as well as my husband and friends. It just seems as if loyalty is not a very revered or important trait to many people. Of course, then I get to look at how I feel about others who are loyal or disloyal to me and how that makes me feel.

Let’s just say, hell hath no fury like an Aries Dog Woman scorned (must be the cougar in me…)!

When it comes to business, I sure do appreciate businesses who I frequent that recognize me for my loyalty with acknowledgments and discounts. And maybe the following will tell you just how many times I drive up to the SB on the hill, but I love it when the baristas recognize my car and cheerfully greet me at the little sign (where’s Jack?) with my name and confirming what I want to order. You can bet that I will drive out of my way to head to that particular SB as opposed to another one that is more on the way because of their recognition.

In my personal world though, loyalty is important to me in a number of ways. One, it is just really nice when you know you can count on someone to be there when they say they will and mean what they say with good follow through. I used to be so very reckless in this area in my previous life as a wild madcap crazy girl that I will probably spend the rest of my days making living amends for that neglect. And for another reason, loyalty reflects back to you what you are giving and “being” outwardly to others (from the inside).

I suppose it is really easy for us in today’s world to allow our loyalty to just about anything and everything slip away. But I imagine that in the business world, loyalty is a huge blessing. It is a return on investment. Likewise, responding to others like a solid, grounded human being who knows what they want and sticks with what works when it is working.

Now excuse me while I make a hasty exit to go howl at the big ole moon with my dogs!

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