Blog #69 Life is What Happens to Us On the Way to Our Dreams!

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I’m one of those people who consistently “breaks” molds and assessments, tests. When my SUN Coach gave me a really simple assessment that would help me come up with a “motto” for my life, it didn’t work with me. Twice. We had to recreate the administration process so that I could get the desired results. I’m telling you about this because when the spiritual/informational on-line movie “The Secret” came rolling out into our universes a few years back, the whole concept of manifesting and living our dreams sent me into a tumbling series of turnovers.

And I do consider myself a spiritual person. A spiritual person who is also very hard headed. Some people might define what I call hard-headed as being “willful”. I can get so stuck in the way I see things that I cannot see anything else but the way I see things. Kind of like the story that has been passed down through the ages about how when the Nina, Maria and Santa Maria were floating by the great land mass that is now known as the United States, many of the tribal people who lived on the continent at the time did not see the ships because only dugout canoes were part of their life and perception so their brains did not have the information available that would enable them to see something completely different from what they were used to seeing.

I think something like that happened for me when I came across The Secret. I watched it several times, participated in Abraham Hicks’ Laws of Attraction Groups, even led some group coaching around the idea of attracting what we want in our lives. Only for me, I was really disappointed for what seemed like a very long time because I could not “see” what I thought I should see because I was working so hard on attracting what I wanted into my life.

What I didn’t realize was that I had begun the process of attracting a whole bunch of things that I desired and that instead of “seeing” them, I was feeling them. They had shown up in different packages than what I had expected.

For a very long time, I’ve held the belief that we can all do what we love for our work. I believed this so much that I quit a very lucrative job to embark on a coaching career after graduating from two coaching universities and having a few years of coaching experience under my belt. What I hadn’t realized at the time was that the kind of coaching I enjoy most, which is coaching with people who have done enough work on themselves already that we can just jump and go, is, that although my clients are consistent, it is not the kind of coaching that attracts clients who line up around the block. Consequently, what happened is what I dreamed my work life would be with coaching kept crashing head long into the reality of the kind of coaching I enjoyed most and what I was willing to do to attract it. Enter in the economic downturn that began a few years back and a saturated market for coaching in my community and I was pretty much treading water constantly. Not my idea of bliss!

A few years into my beating my head repeatedly up against the wall and not understanding why I could not do what I love to do and make a living at it, I took on a part time job to supplement the coaching that I have. For over a year, I worked part time in a job that pretty much kept me in my drug of choice (Starbucks) but was not something that I could enhance or expand and grow in. Day after day I asked the higher power of my understanding in my meditations, why was I in this job, what could this job mean? What is the purpose? Why do I have a navel? You know, all those kinds of things we pull out of the attic and basement of our brains when our understanding of how the world works turns upside down.

Somewhere along the way, I dove into my writing…for free…simply because I love writing. And I began interviewing people on the radio and on the web…for free…simply because I love researching, producing and creating shows where I can find out more about people who are living hope-filled lives and then sharing this with others.

Just last week, I left that initial part-time job for another part-time job that pays much better and I am so happy. I am still coaching the most fantastic clients. I am blogging more than ever, I am interviewing crazy-cool people on my web blog and somewhere along the way to my dreams, I’ve embraced this life that is happening right now and having a blast.

Life is what is happening while we’re on the way to our dreams. Live it now, embrace it now, trust your gut and know that all is unfolding as it should.

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