Blog #64 My Brain is So Full, Post-it Notes are Falling Out of My Ears!

Posted on : 24-05-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized



Thus did today begin my first day at my new part-time gig (why do I seem to always do Yoda-speak when I am tired?) and I loved it!! Love the people I’m working with and for and love learning all the new stuff that they’re into (real estate) and helping them to get organized etc. but I gotta tell you…my brain is so full that post-it notes are falling out of my ears…..!

I have to remind myself that starting any new project of learning causes my brain to pull in all of its resources. If my brain were a spaceship that had just typed in the command for warp speed, temporarily it would look like a gigantic ball sitting in a big sling shot before everything clicked into gear and allowed all my thoughts and ideas to blast into new heights. Sounds a helluva lot better than blaming it on all the myriad of reasons that we come up with for loosing basic vocabulary words while we’re learning, right? I would love to see what my brain looks like right now under thought-construction and which areas are massively highlighted and which areas have a new little night-light coming on.

My hat is off to all of my friends who have Ph.D.’s. I don’t know how you guys did it, much less those of you who have earned your Masters. I would love to hear how you processed what you were learning when you were learning and your experience. But learning like that can also happen outside of the traditional academic environs, such as those friends and family who have children. I know that is a constant learning system for you—especially when you are first starting out and adjusting to the impact on your life and the changes.

All the more reason for why it is good for us to take care of ourselves while we’re in the uteri of learning. I was kind of a crazy person today when I came home because I immediately went to my PC to check email and then downloaded the latest version of Excel so that I could show one of my associates the rudiments of it and then asked David for this MacBook Pro so that I could begin getting a handle on it. And…wheewh! So first things first. Write this blog for the day, eat my dinner, make my meals for tomorrow so that I can take them to work and go to my Wednesday night meeting. The rest can wait. Course, there will be lot’s of loving on my dogs, cats and husband as well!

I’m also reading a book called, “Secrets of Great Marriages” by Charlie and Linda Bloom, which I am thoroughly enjoying. Stay tuned for my interview with them at this coming Tue (5-25) at 2pm CST. God, please help me to stay healthy, happy and sane! I am very grateful to have good focused energy.

This is a God-send, you are a God-send to be out there reading this blog today. For me, when my brain is full to brimming with new learning, writing is the best way for me to ease the load. Would really like to hear from some of you about what your learning process is and how you feel and respond to life while you’re inside of high learning mode. I have a feeling my Honors’ thesis will be on this subject in some way.

Until tomorrow, arrivederche and may your brain be able to expand comfortably to allow new thought and learning.

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