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Years ago I was part of a group that immersed ourselves in a weekend retreat with two friends of mine (one a therapist and the other a want-to-be) who led us through a low-intermediate-and-high-level ROPES course. After a weekend of everyone of us pushing past blocks within ourselves, whether it was trusting our waiting friends to catch us as we fell backwards from five feet high into their waiting arms or walking through the fear while oonching (Lynn term) across a little bitty wire at least 60 feet above the ground across a 25-35 foot expanse. At the end of our weekend we gathered one last time to say one word out loud to the group that encapsulated our weekend/or that we were filled with as a result. One of the guides held out his arms very wide and closed his eyes with his face pointed up to the sky and said, “receptivity”.

That image has stayed with me and haunted many of my writings. Receptivity. Receptivity. Receptivity.

Today, receptivity means an entirely different thing for me than it did even a year ago. In fact, this morning when talking with friends I woke up to the realization of receptivity in terms of how I receive “gifts” and opportunities from my Higher Power (insert here whatever term feels right to you). Gotta say that there have been many a time when I have pretty much shut (if not slammed) the doors of opportunities in my HP’s face. I’ve had opportunities come to me by the bushel full that I have networked/connected other people to and then felt let-down afterwards because there wasn’t a ME out there who would give to ME what I had just given to them.

HELLO? What? DUHHHHHH?!??! Well, God love me, God love you, we’re just doing the best that we can with what we got and sooner or later if we’re paying attention (and continually asking for the awareness) we’re gonna see that a door is open, an opportunity is in front of us or there is someone we need to have a conversation with because we count, they are here for us and our lesson is to accept and be receptive and let go of the control of not allowing.

Last week I had called a friend of mine to ask her to keep me in mind should she see any part-time opportunities that would be a good fit for me (she is very well connected). She asked me to send my resume and barely 24 hours later, called me to say that she was actually looking for someone and would I be willing to consider working with her and here’s what she could pay now etc. etc. etc. I tell you this because in the past, this is the kind of opportunity that would come to me and I would immediately believe that the reason was, so that I could tell someone else whose needs were greater than mine. This time, I did the counter-intuitive thing and met with my friend. As a result I will begin working with/for her later on this week.

And the wonderful thing is I felt no remorse about receiving this opportunity and I sure didn’t feel guilty that I hadn’t passed it on to someone else first. I believe other opportunities will come my way that I can let other people know about, but this one was for me to check out and accept or not. It sure does feel good to breath oxygen I can tell you that. How many times have I told people the analogy of the plane going down and putting the oxygen mask on your own face first before you can help others (you won’t be much good passed out in the seat next to them…)?

So if you see a door or window open–at least look through it to decide if it’s something you want to explore for yourself before you pass it on. If you meet some fantastic person and happen to be a connector/networker where you immediately think of several people who should know them….take some deep breaths first. Enjoy the rainbow. Step into the sunshine. Breathe deep of the clean pure air of opportunity for yourself. Once we’ve taken care of ourselves and been receptive to all the good that is coming your way, then more and more good will come to you and from the overflow of reserves you’ll be able to fill up all kinds of cups and pitchers and bowls for many, many other people.

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