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Have you ever seen that movie called “Sliding Doors”? It’s from 1998 (with our friend Gwyneth P.) about a woman who if she makes it aboard the train before the sliding doors close will have a different future then if she is left standing on the platform. In parallel stories, the movie then follows her through both paths as two different futures unfold. Well…I think if I can recall correctly she does end up having the same destiny occur in spite of whether she boarded the train or not.

Anyway, my point is that I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what destiny is all about and am particularly interested in people who just seem to be “in the right place at the right time”. It’s as if there is an invisible grid of constantly moving openings that we are stepping in and out of (mostly unknowingly, at least on the conscious level) as our lives carry on. My fascination is with those people who seem to be placing their foot inside of the open door that will take them to the next door that will be the life they want to lead.

Oh sure, we can say that some people were very hard to get where they want to be and some people just seem to end up where they want to be effortlessly. But if you take either outcome further, both seem to work in tandem for the outcome to happen. For example, even though Oprah may have worked her tail end off to get where she is now, she must have been placing her foot into the right doorway to have all that hard work pay off. I’m wondering if what enables those two components of working hard and stepping through the right doorways is a person having a very good solid sense of who they are….or at least solid enough to not allow others to sway them from their mission.

I’m sure there is a big mathematical equation that could more elegantly explain what I am understanding here, but as I am not a mathematician I am left with only words to use! I am seeing people all around me doing what they love to do or at least solidly being who they want to be and, at least from where I’m sitting, it seems like more doors are opening up for them to the pathway of their dreams than other people who don’t have that solid sense of “who-ness” (Lynn word).

It seems like we cannot see the doors that are opening for us until we understand what doorways we want/need to see (yes, Yogi Berra does live on!).

Further, because these doorways are mostly invisible to our everyday eyes, we pretty much have to know what our doorways “feel” like to know when they are before us so that we can just step on through. And we certainly can’t feel those doorways, until we have a really good sense of who we are and what makes us happy.

I used to spend a lot of time looking back at my life and pondering how the hell I had gotten to where I was at the time. I tried my hardest to see those doors I’d walked through so that I’d recognize them and not walk through them again in my future. Similarly, there were also those times that I’d try to guess at what doors I needed to see for the future I wanted. Only, I suspect that some kind of quantum physics takes place when we look to the future too hard and so we end up seeing multiple doors leading to multiple paths.

The best I can do today is to settle in to fully being Lynn and honoring my hunches and inklings about life along the way. I am finding out that those hunches and inklings are the keys for me to be able to feel the doorways I want to walk through.

What doorways have you been walking through lately?

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