Blog #46 Being Married to a Geek Head

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Being married to a geek head comes in very handy at times and I am very grateful for all of my “honey’s” traits. I mean, at least he has something to show for his geek-i-ness such as being incredibly good with the computer and inventing all kinds of things to make home appliances work better. He’s almost a mad professor inventor scientist but I don’t think he’s created a time machine….that I know of…..!

Take right now for instance, he got a coke out of the fridge, drank it up and then disappeared from our office for about ten minutes and came back with the can all cut up and his cell phone inside of it. It seems that our cell phones are not getting as good of reception and so my loved one saw this invention on YouTube for creating a buffer for your cell phone from your computer. Better than paying the $190 we saw on E-Bay for a cell phone booster!

And there was the time that we were planning to go scuba diving at the Flower Gardens in the Gulf Coast in November when he proceeded to buy a thick mil wet suit that we didn’t have in our collection. I found him floating around in our swimming pool in the middle of November like a mini-Shamu that had escaped from Sea World. It would have never occurred to me to do that but his reasoning totally made sense when he reminded me how a wet suit works (water floats through it and gets warmed up by our own body and then holds the warmth in place) and that the ocean would be very cold in November. He wanted to test it out for himself so that he would be prepared for what the cold water would feel like since all we’d ever dove in was the warm Caribbean. Me? I ended up not going on that particular trip but I probably would have just waited until the trip itself to experience what it was like diving into the middle of the Gulf at night in freezing cold water and then figured out what to do on the way back to the boat freezing my patootie off!

Being married to a geek is great because he is so focused compared to my splintered off thinking patterns. Whereas I will think a multitude of thoughts in any one sitting, he will follow through one or two till he feels comfortable with their completion. And get this, he actually reads directions!! Can you believe it!? And also follows written instructions. After twenty years, some of his behaviors are rubbing off on me finally because I’m noticing more and more that it is occurring to me to read the directions to something first instead of just trying to figure out how to get from point A to point Q. After ten years of riding around with him in his Mazda with his radar detector, I finally understand which of the four buttons i need to press when the durn thing goes off like Will Robinson’s robot in the middle of a shopping center parking lot (reference to a very old TV show called Lost in Space from the sixties)….but it wasn’t from reading the directions…I just chose to listen attentively as my pilot explained it to me.

When we first got together, I was attracted to my husband because of his smoldering personality. We made it through the first seven years out of shear respect for each other and both having hard heads. For awhile, his inner geek would bug me because I did not understand the “code of the geek”. Somewhere along year 13 or so, I began to see the light and learned how to enjoy how my husband thinks and “is”. His sense of humor now makes sense to me. Like one time when we were having a close moment sitting at the edge of our pool and looking out at the wildflowers that had taken over our lawn, I asked him “what are you thinking?” and he replied, “about rocks”….and he was serious, he really was thinking about the rocks in our yard and how to move them and use them etc. We had a really good laugh over that! Today we use that discourse in many situations when I am trying to dig further down the rabbit hole than necessary.

If my husband is a geek, I’m not exactly sure what that makes me because it turns out that I am very interested in a lot of things that he is interested in but just don’t have the fortitude or tenacity to go after them like he does. Furthermore, I don’t know why a geek would want to be with someone like me who likes to dance through life like a whirling dervish but I can tell you for sure that there is a huge plus side to being married to a geek.

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