Blog #11: Alberti and the Perfection of Style

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I almost forgot that I’m on a mission to write 100 blogs in 100 days this evening! But, I was finishing the chapter in Donald Miller’s book about the bike ride he and a group took from one end of the country to another and I began to think of the wealth of “stories” that you could accumulate riding your bike everyday for 100 miles across the country and then i remembered why it is so important to work on our very own stories.

So that we can blog about them to each other!

This afternoon I spent a good chunk of time studying for one of my two exams next week (Art History). I was reviewing Alberti’s contribution to the Italian Renaissance and what his “rules” thought all good art should contain which were 1. perspective; 2. volume; 3. classical reference/context and 4. variety of human gestures and basically to utilize ancient elements in contemporary ways. And then Michael Angelo and Leonardo di Vinci came along and respected Alberti’s rules but expressed them through their own individual ways. Carving new paths and creating new stories for their day and for history.

I wonder if that is an element that each of us has inside of us to respect and utilize what has been created and discovered but to express them in our own unique individual way. I believe that is so and am in the process of creating a program that will help others to discover this in themselves and then to be able to communicate this to perspective employers.

It’s always bugged me how I am able to see the potential in other people and that the gifts they have within them that seem so obvious to me…may not always be so apparent to them. Until you get someone talking and you help them to find their voice.

It’s as if the vehicle of the sound that your voice makes when you are speaking confidently from your heart about who you are and what you do is as important as the words you are using to describe yourself.

I am putting it out there that I will be taking 12 people on for 2 high powered coaching sessions and then a third session where I will ask 4-5 specific questions for them to answer and be recorded for use in emails/FB/resumes/cover letters. These sessions will be complimentary…however I will ask for referrals AND I’m being very picky about who I will accept into these sessions. Please don’t send me that friend or loved one who just can’t seem to figure out who they are and what they want. I’m not the right person for them. I want those individuals who have done a lot of work on themselves and will be able to jump into a session with me so that I can help them find their rhythm and melody for communicating what they bring to this world. Three people have already signed up…..I will not take on more than 12. More to be revealed later as to when I will offer this and the cost.

So what is your own unique expression of the rules of engagement in this world? In what ways do you show this to others?

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