Blog #2: Why write, sing, play, paint, sculpt, draw, act, etc. ??

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Why is it important to express ourselves creatively?

There are some of us who only show their true thoughts, feelings and values through their creative expression. If you have every spoken with a singer or actor or writer or artist who expresses themselves through one of these vehicles, they have most likely told you that they HAVE to sing or act or write or paint. It is as if they are a living volcano where the molten lava of their thoughts and feelings have to come out.

I’m very grateful to know many creatively expressive people AND if you don’t think of yourself as being creative…I encourage you to think again. We’re all creative, you just have to discover your own unique way of expressing yourself creatively.

Finding your own unique way of expressing yourself could be as easy as recognizing that something you do effortlessly, a lot, and that you enjoy…just could be your way of creatively expressing yourself.

I’m someone who has to write or speak the ideas that come into my mind so that I can see or hear what it is I’m thinking. Turns out that my brain is a really crowded place and so it’s like many of my creative thoughts are crammed up back-to-back against each other in zip file purgatory. It is only when I express my creative idea through writing and/or speaking that I can release at least one of those zip files to make room for more.

As you go through this process of looking at yourself and how you live your life, find someone safe that you can bounce your realizations off for feedback. If I was going to say that there was a one “rule” to this exercise, I would suggest that you only do this when you can be kind to yourself. No editing your ideas, no judgement about what you do and no comparison with others. You are the only YOU in this world. Trust that specialness.

Notice, just be wiling to notice how you interact with the world today. You just may be pleasantly surprised.

Blog #1 out of 100: What’s in Store for you Today?

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Since 2001, there are three coaches that I have been meeting with one a week for one hour to discuss and explore our lives through various books. This past month we’ve been exploring “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller. Excellent book because of the way Donald Miller is willing to bare his soul as he sounds out his reasoning about life.

During the course of one of our conversations about this book, one of our explorers, Kat, shared about a friend of hers who had taken the challenge to write 100 essays in 100 days. This friend of hers is one of those writers who has written, but not in a long time and never completed a book. Well….Kat threw down the gauntlet for me to take up this challenge and I felt myself buckling from the tip of my head down to my toes like some kind of a human Shar Pei in a windstorm.

It took me a week or so of being boomeranged from a new essay idea coming forth to returning back to my resistance of not writing (even though I am a writer) for me to realize that I had already, actually, picked up the gauntlet. So here I sit. Writing.

It’s already been a pretty philosophical morning for me talking to my sponsees. One particular person and I got into the discussion of disaster readiness (she’s going for a Masters in her field and had just written a paper on the subject) which burgeoned into a discussion about when (not if) California will have the big one finally and detach itself from the mainland. We then dove deeper into how very unconscious most of us are about how illusionary life is at best and how ill-prepared we are for handling natural or man-made catastrophes. This, all before my first cup of coffee.

I’m glad I believe in a higher power AND I also want to be more aware of my surroundings and who I am in my surroundings and how I show up. I’m also grateful that during and after this conversation with my friend instead of going into the fetal position and sucking my trembling thumb as I would have done a couple of decades ago that I actually feel pretty optimistic about what is in store for me today.

After all that, how could I not start blogging my first blog of 100??

So, here, I’m tossing the ball to you now. What is one thing that you can start today and commit to doing everyday for the next 99 days?