Blog #5: Good Day Sunshine

Posted on : 26-03-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized

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Even if it is 40 degrees and the wind is blowing like Hades in a hand basket the sun is shining mighty powerfully today in Austin, Texas. Happy New Day to all my Baha’i Friends and Happy Spring to everyone!

I’m about to head off on my first long run since enjoying my first Brazilian Keratin Treatment at Sophie’s Garden Salon (thank you Lisa). I got some laughs from friends yesterday when I admitted that once I had received this hair treatment for the elusive smooth straight hair, I stopped running so that I wouldn’t have to wash my hair as often and thereby lose the “effect”. Result was that I have had smoother hair for a longer time but I have promptly put on about six pounds!

These are high-class problems people! I know I have much to be grateful for such as the friends that I am blessed to have today.

Just got off a chat with my dear friend Nagavalli Medacharla( for those friends of mine who haven’t had the chance to hear her yet in Austin, Texas….you can go look up her shows on the link provided. I am so excited for her because ever since first meeting Valli in 2003, I have known her love of music and singing and her deep desire to sing her heart out for others. I am blessed to know some very special musicians in town such as Sara Hickman, Erin Ivey, Lorrie Singer, Bradley Kopp, Casey McPherson and the list goes on. Big shouts out to all of you and glad we’re living this life together!

Mental/spiritual tip o’ the day: the experience, strength and hope I want to share with you today is that when we are willing to do the nitty gritty hard work of getting down into the crevices of our souls and hearts to root out the weeds in our minds…..more room for peace, love and joy is freed up to blossom and grow.

Good Day Sunshine!!!

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