Blog #4: Ghost Writer

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My husband and I see so many movies that someone really ought a hire us as reviewers. This evening was no exception. One of our good friends had recommended “Ghost Writer” and so we invited two of our movie-buff friends to join us. It wasn’t until dinner that I recalled why I had dismissed going to see this movie when I had first heard about it a couple of week’s ago.

Roman Polanski directed this movie. You know, Roman who had his way with a 13 year old girl back in the 60’s and is not allowed to set foot on U.S. soil (without being put under immediate arrest). Yeah, that Roman.

Anyway, it turned out to be a good movie and I must admit that the direction was actually quite good. The characters are all believable. The movie had intrigue, action and a bit of wry humor woven throughout. It always makes me feel uneasy when I find myself in the grey of life instead of the duality of black and white such as Roman is a child molester and Roman is a good director. Both are actions, both are a part of a person but one is reprehensible and the other win awards. And if I pay for a movie by a director like Roman, do I want to support the reprehensible side of who he is?

It’s great to have finally grown into my brain because now at my age, I suppose most people would expect these kind of questions from someone who’s lived on the planet long. Still, it was a good movie and the actors did a fine job.

Does make me wonder which truth to believe in….that’s all! ¬†How about you?

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