Blog #3: Africa….what?!

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Yes, the topic that popped into my head today during mediation was Africa. I’ve always loved what I’ve known of that country but I must confess that I am very ignorant as to the various tribes, politics, minerals/diamonds history and so I’m going to begin investigating. Besides the animals, flora and fauna. What interests me very much is the social/cultural aspects of the tribes and how they are being impacted by the warring factions and political parties that have been running amok lo these many years.

As a very young Bahai (going on my fourth year), I know that there are Bahais in Austin where I am from, who have been helping our friends in Uganda

For years I was part of a spiritual discovery group led by Nelin Hudania ( who escaped from Uganda when she was a girl. Through her, I met Gilbert Tuhabonye, another Ugandan, who is the founder of

Last year I was introduced to Philemon Matibe, author of “Madhinga Bucket Boy” You can listen to our interview by going to Philemon’s book is about his growing up a boy in the Congo through to adulthood in Zimbabwe. Very powerful.

This past year we rented “The Lost Boys of Sudan” ( Very powerful if you haven’t watched it yet.

And of course there is the book, “Gorillas in the Mist” by Dian Fossey which absolutely broke my heart when I read it.

There is much for me to learn and gather about Africa and many people for me to meet. This year will be my year to come out of hiding about my ignorance. What do you know about Africa?

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