Ten Ways to Know You’re Growing!

Posted on : 22-09-2009 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized

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1. You feel your heart expand just a little bit more in even the most subtle of situations.

2. You look for “that” pony and the bridle AND the saddle in the big ole pile of manure -confident that they will all be found in there somewhere!

3. More often than not, you are willing to look for what your part is in any given situation. Might as well..saves time in karma…

4. People and places that used to bother you just plain ole don’t anymore, much like they are just part of some far off dream that you used to have.

5. You feel good when it’s good and sad when it’s sad and understand better how to go ahead and laugh through your tears anyway.

6. You are more willing today to call out the monster from the closet than you ever have been before.

7. Being tacky to someone else just doesn’t feel good at all anymore. Dang it!

8. Likewise, “sliming” about someone else to anyone within earshot who’ll listen (just doesn’t feel as good anymore)…

9. You’re willing to show all of who you are most of the time to anyone and most of all to yourself.

10. You “get it” that you are simultaneously the most important person in the world and the least important person in the world. So now what?!

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