When God Writes Back

Posted on : 21-07-2009 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


Since May, I’ve been writing letters to the voice within (who I choose to call “God”) and have about 200+ pages in all.  In Janet Conner’s book, “Writing Down Your Soul“, she talks about the experience of writing to the voice within and then to notice at the end of writing that someone or something has taken over and written words of wisdom for you to digest.

This hadn’t been my experience yet. In the past, I have had the feeling of something else besides me using my pen to create poetry or prose but in this particular writing exercise I hadn’t experience that. Yet. 

I began today’s letter with, “Dear God, I turn my pen over to you” and then began writing and forgot about that until I got midway through my writing and “something” or “someone” began responding with “Lynn” and then amazing wisdom about receiving and manifesting. Ideas and questions that I have been asking this voice within about for  awhile now and trying to reconcile asking for more than I already have with being grateful and accepting and humble. 

The piece that I want to share with you that I hope will be helpful for you is what the voice said about receiving. It said, “the bullets of your desires, when shot from the center of your heart, have been received.  You will manifest all that you have asked for and this time you have the connection with me to know how to handle and transcend the energy.  Enjoy what is yours and know that all these gifts come from me so the intense energy of receiving all that your heart desires can be sent back through me for dissemination.  You do not have to do that, it is not your work.  Your work is to receive and enjoy and show others what is possible for them when they are mindful and focused on their heart’s desires. All things come through me, all things are created from love for the purpose of love. It is what happens with these gifts when they are in the hands of the human ego that makes the difference. Love, God’.

Hookay.  nuff said…..

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