365 Days, 365 Ways to Appreciate Getting Older!

Posted on : 07-01-2009 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


This is it! This year 2009 I’ve made a commitment to write 365 pages of affirmations about “Getting Older, Getting Better”. Why would I write about something like this you may ask?Because the facts are that all of us are getting older if we’re still alive, so why not focus on the good points about it? I’m tired of being hypnotized by marketing and PR that I need to be constantly fighting the aging process. How about you?

One of my friends, Gail H. responds in regards to Getting Older, Getting Better that, “it’s better than the alternative”. Typical “Gailesk” wisecrack with a basis in being a cancer survivor. She knows how sweet life can be and came face-to-face with her mortality. I have a couple of friends who are doing the “death dance” with their illnesses. They both talk about how free they feel and also how grateful they are for the time remaining to acknowledge the important people in their lives.

We can all do this now too, no matter where we are in life, acknowledge the special people in our lives. And animals too!

I thanked our Black Labrador, Reality, this morning for once again being willing to help our Australian Shepherd puppy, Paul, to burn off energy! There is no way that my husband or I could have Paul without her!

How about you? Who do you want to acknowledge today?

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