Join Lynn Kindler and Author, National Speaker Bill Treasurer this Friday, November 21 at 3pm EST

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Good afternoon everyone

This Friday, November 21 at 3pm EST, please join me and Author, Speaker, “founder and Chief Encourager” of Giant Leap Consulting as we talk about his latest book, “Courage Goes to Work” as part of the Uncommon Conversations at the Coaching Commons.

To find out more about Bill and this interview please go to

I’m Not Unique!

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Last week I wrote a question to the social networking group, Linked In. The question asked for people to ponder that if today was their last day on Earth, to name one lesson they have learned that they would like to pass along.  Of course, me being who I am, I had to give a couple of examples of lessons I have learned including that the longer I live the more I realize how I am not as unique as I often wished.

Be the Change That You Want to See …

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In my faith it is encouraged for us to not publicly align with any political party. Our faith (Bahá’í) is about unity and so our focus is encouraged to be wide and deep so that we can include everyone.  I understand this reasoning and respect it immensely.  AND I still want to say that I feel very hopeful and happy after last night’s election