Interview with Linda M. Galvan, M.A. Certified Psych-K & Healthy Weight Management Facilitator

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The following is an interview with Linda M. Galvan, M.A. who is a Certified Psych-K & Healthy Weight Management Facilitator. Enjoy and learn!

What is Psych-K Linda and why should we know about it and how you work with it?

Psych-K stands for Psychological Kinesiology.  Psych-K was developed over 20 years ago by the founder, Rob Williams, himself a counselor.  He was tired of the lack of progress he was seeing in his clients and sought spiritual guidance through meditation as to how he could really help in the true healing of individuals quickly and effectively.  From his sincere asking, the healing modality which he now calls Psych-K was born and has been continually refined since that time.  Psych-K is based in neuroscience, quantum physics, and Brain Dominance Theory.  The compelling research of Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, supports the effectiveness of Psych-K and why it works.

In a nutshell, the simple techniques used in a Psych-K session can assist individuals in shifting subconscious beliefs that are blocking or sabotaging any part of their life. The facilitator works with the wisdom of the client to aid in his or her healing.  We work with and respect the innate wisdom of our clients to heal themselves.  As facilitators, we offer simple “tools” that speed up the process dramatically and quite effectively.  What might take years in psychotherapy or traditional counseling, can be accomplished in usually one session if the individual is really ready to move forward, take action, and make change in their life.  Most of my clients are still in disbelief that so much in their lives has changed after only one session.  I myself am sometimes amazed at the dramatic results.  Psych-K can address almost any issue from weight loss to eating disorders, self-empowerment, grief & loss, relationships, health, self-esteem, depression/anxiety, prosperity, addictions, learning disabilities, ADHD, and so forth.

You should know about Psych-K because it is the answer to your prayers…no need to continue suffering and repeating the same patterns over and over again in your life.  No need to continue attracting those losers.  No need to continue over or under eating to support unhealthy emotional beliefs. No need to stay stuck any longer.  And many men love Psych-K because it is NOT talk therapy.  We do some talking to find out what you want in your life that you don’t have and then we get to work doing brain balances…very positive approach and quite painless.  We stay away from discussing what you don’t want as that will only bring more of what you don’t want to you…this is KEY!

The reason Psych-K is so effective is that we work with the root of the issue…where it all began…the subconscious beliefs that were knowingly and unknowingly programmed early in life and that are constantly playing in your head everyday.  95% of our perceptions of the world, ourselves and our actions are all determine by our subconscious programming.  Beliefs can truly make or break you.  Change your beliefs and you can change your life.  This is why people find it so hard to make change consciously…they want to and mean to and put forth “will power” – however, that will not change the subconscious programming that is one big neural-network of life-long behaviors supported by many subconscious beliefs.  Psych-K actually assists in shifting and writing new neural nets/channels in the brain.  This is truly cutting-edge healing technology.

And best of all, anyone can benefit from Psych-K including babies, children, teens, the elderly, pets, and even those who have passed on…which is a whole other discussion.  Again, I do emphasize how revolutionary this modality is for humanity.  Through a process called surrogation, you can work with those who are very ill and unconscious, those who would rather not accompany you to a session, those living miles away, the youngest, the unborn, nature, and basically anything that can be named….even your car!!!  Sounds crazy, I know!

What is it about your work that you love so much?
I absolutely LOVE Psych-K and the work I am able to do with clients because it brings such dramatic change so quickly.  It’s great to hear a client over the phone sounding so elated and happy and astonished at how much better their life is after a session…especially a client that was ready to “end it all.”

If I had known of Psych-K years ago, it would have circumvented a lot of needless and unwanted suffering in my own life.  I love that Psych-K is so flexible and can work with most any issue as long as the client is ready and believes he/she can heal himself.  And even if he/she has blocks around this, Psych-K can address that, too!

What connects you with everyone else and what sets you apart from the rest?

I am connected to everyone in that we are all on a healing journey of some sort.  I doubt that there is anyone on this earth that leaves this plane not having suffered some trauma or tragedy in their life.  In that respect, I am one with my brothers and sisters on this planet.
What sets me apart…from a metaphysical perspective, nothing really…we are all one and all connected whether we like it or not or whether we believe it or not.  However, what I think sets us all apart, me included, is our soul purpose…it is unique and different for every individual on this earth.  No one’s purpose is grander or less grand than anyone else’s.  We all have an important part to play in the tapestry of life.  Miss a stitch and the whole image is just off.  Everyone is important to the fabric of humanity…and especially important that they do what they came here to do…and for some, that may be to just heal.  Heal one and heal a world!

What is one wish/hope/inspiration that you want for humanity?

That everyone embrace their own healing.  Humanity must give itself permission to heal. This is our hope for a new world, a new earth.

For more information about Linda Galvan, M.A. (Advanced Psych-K Facilitator) please visit her website at or you may email her at [email protected]

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