Listen to Lynn’s interview of celebrated “Idea Champion” and author Mitchell Ditkoff

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On Thursday, May 22 at 3pm EST (2pm CST) Lynn will interview Mitch Ditkoff about his latest and greatest book, “Awake at the Wheel—Getting Your Great Ideas Rolling (in an Uphill World).  You may visit the Coaching Commons website click the tab that says, “Join a Virtual Dialogue” and then look to the right of the page that will have a place where you can sign up for the virtual dialogue. After you sign up an email will be sent to you with the phone number to call in on Thursday. The purpose of you signing in is so that we can know how many of you are listening. Your information will not be used in any form or fashion other than for this purpose.

I love this book. I can’t believe that I love a book that is shelved under the
Business Section of the book store, but I do.  Mitch has a great sense of humor. His main character is “Og” a caveman who gets the idea of creating and using a wheel. Through Og’s trials and tribulations we learn, in a very tongue and cheek way, how to get our ideas rolling in an uphill world. This also may be the first book that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading ALL of its footnotes (where else could you learn that “stunned” comes from the Latin, “stoynum”, meaning “silent like a stone”).  This book is all about how to allow ourselves to be creative and to laugh at ourselves when we want to give up!

Mitch has many tools and words of wisdom towards helping others with their creativity including “Free the Genie!” cards. Free the Genie is a set of 55 creative thinking cards for open-minded people committed to bringing something new and extraordinary into their lives, their businesses, and the world. He is also the Founder of “Face the Music”, the world’s only interactive business blues band.

I’m very much so looking forward to this interview with Mitch and invite you to join us as well. The first half hour will be the actual interview of Mitch and the second half hour will open up to questions and answers from the audience!! Come listen and play with us this Thursday—we’d love to hear you there!

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