Let the “Love Boom” Begin!

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The “Love Boom” is a verb phrase. It’s a call to action for Baby Boomers to reclaim their roots of Flower Power, Peace and Love.  It’s an opportunity to bring in the energy of our youth to reconfigure our golden years so that we can bring new meaning to becoming older in a youth possessed culture.  It can also mean having a helluva good time while we’re at it!

And so this is Fifty…..

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If I had borne children, I’m pretty sure I would have been one of those neurotic women who would have felt like I was THE ONLY ONE who had ever given birth to a human being.  I’m petty sure I would have felt that way because that’s how I feel about turning fifty in two weeks!

Learning Leadership Traits from Your Puppy!

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For the past couple of months I’ve been taking basic puppy obedience classes (http://staynplaypetranch.com/page/nznf/Obedience_Training.html) (highly recommend Barbara Perry) with our Australian Shepherd puppy (9mos), “Paul”.   Actually, my husband took him to obedience previously but neither of us seemed to be able to schedule the time to do the homework in-between classes so we decided it be good for “us” to take the class over.