Being Happy in the Hear and Now!

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I love what I just “got” out of a chapter from the book, “After the Ecstasy, the Laundry” by Jack Kornfield.  What I got is what we, of the spiritual seeking ilk, have been told ad-nausea and it is that the most important time is NOW.  But I “got” it in a way that makes me laugh both with and at myself simultaneously and to feel giddy. 

Here’s an excerpt from this Chapter called “The Gateless Gate”:
 It is easy to get caught in the notion that there is a goal, a state,
 a special place to reach in spiritual life.  Accounts of extraordinary
 experiences can create ideas of how our own lives should be, and
 lead us to compare ourselves with others……When we enter the
  gateless gate, we come to the end of seeking.  Before this in our life
 we may have tried many ways to find enlightenment or become
 something special. Finally, we enter the gate of the eternal present
 and discover that we are not going anywhere.  Where we are is the
 place, the only place for the perfection of patience, peace, freedom,
 and compassion.

What a wonderful, wonderful gift that is ours for the giving if we can just accept the grace of being who we are with all of our talents and foibles. If right now, today, you decided to just BE who you are, who is that person?  How does that person interact with others and with themselves?

It is so simple yet, I don’t know if you’re like me but I can sure make life so much more complex than it needs to be.  Perhaps it’s because I like to have the illusion of control.  I am absolutely fascinated by great spiritual souls who are also successful in business.  I so want to talk with you about how you do this and who you are.  I know that there are examples of these very successful people out there but we sure don’t hear about them enough in the mainstream.  If you are one of these people reading this post today, I invite you to contact me for an interview.  I’m happy to keep you anonymous; the point is for others to find comfort in knowing you’re out there.

So as the Zen saying goes, “Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water and after enlightenment chop wood, carry water”.  May the simplest things in your day today bring a smile to your face.
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