Two Stepping Around My Higher Power!

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For years I have studied the 12 Steps (of Alcoholic’s Anonymous) and tried to apply them to my life. I’ve also explored, learned and taught all kinds of information regarding how to live my life well, to get out of myself (while taking care of myself at the same time…) and how to give back to others through various forms of service.

I think if you asked most people who know me they would tell you that I have a pretty good brain (when I choose to use it), that I have a pretty big heart (when I choose to open it) and that I mostly behave as if the glass is half full (when I choose to see it that way). 

Then I chose to go into business for myself.  I am constantly doing the 12 step two-step of remembering that I am powerless over whatever I am choosing to allow to run my life, that my life has become unmanageable and then finally coming around to believing that there is a power greater than myself that can restore me to sanity.   Having your own business is a great way to get in touch with all of your inner demons really quickly. At least, when you are running your business as consciously as you can from what you know now.  For the past two years I’ve been pulling from all my years of experience and skills to create a coaching business.  There is so much involved beyond being an excellent coach for your clients.  Like any small business it’s about marketing and branding yourself, getting information out that is helpful for others, creating passive income streams, keeping yourself up to date on new information that can be helpful for your clients, and the basics of invoicing, expensing and paying your bills. 

So where does the concept of a power greater than ourselves enter into our thoughts?  Right here, in the middle of the nitty gritty!?!  I’ve been asking everyone I can think of over the last year to help me with whatever “the story” is that I keep perpetuating within myself about attracting and pushing away success.  I even went to a Holographic Repatterning expert to get myself “repatterned” but do you know that some clients still insisted on being late with their payments while other clients sat on the fence regarding to be coached now or later.  That ephemeral later!!  Finally last night as I listened to a very successful friend share his experience about turning his life over to the care of a Higher Power, I realized that I had not turned over this one thing to a power greater than myself. Perhaps it was because somewhere deep down inside of me, I don’t believe or trust that this power that could help me in so many ways, would be able to help me with my business.  I get to keep doing the footwork, but I can also let go of the outcome. I can get out of my crazy brain that wakes me up at 3am with bills that need to be paid and turn it over to the concept of a Higher Power and trust the process.

I’m coming to believe that there are so many things that occur in business that are unseen and are behind the scenes.  Why are some people so successful? What makes some people seem to just be in the right place at the right moment?  Action has a lot to do with it, having done our homework for sure and then probably sometimes just pure luck.  But I also believe that there is an attraction factor at play and for right now at least, I am a novice when it comes to understanding how to turn the flow on and off and to understand when and how I am doing so.  For now it seems like the calming thing for me to do is to turn over this non-understanding to a power greater than myself and to trust.  This doesn’t mean that I am to then turn over on my back like a little beetle bug with my legs flailing in the air until money and success comes falling from the sky but rather for me to keep trying to do the best that I can and to remain open for intuitions, nudges and guidance that come to guide me towards success. 

Finding the inner core strength of understanding that I am powerless over everything except how I choose to believe.  Stretch out into the unknown and grab onto the unseen power that swirls all around and within us.  Your life is waiting.



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