What Visions are You Hiding From Yourself?

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Many years ago in a job not forgotten, I received two “visions” or more correctly two ideas.  Each of these ideas had very specific pieces of information for how to carry them out.  Since receiving them, I have done nothing towards either except to talk about them.  On one of my runs recently, I noticed the beautiful Oak trees lining a neighbors’ yard but the Oaks had lots of scraggly branches hanging down that caused me to wonder about my own Oak trees and the “someday” time in my head for pruning the old, dead branches away so that the beautiful Oaks could shine.  I wondered if I died tomorrow and didn’t get the trees trimmed what the evidence of my non-doing would say about me?  It always amazes me when someone close to me dies because along with them goes any dreams, intentions or visions unless they have put them into motion.  More...

What visions or ideas are you hiding or sitting on where NOW may be the time to bring them out, dust them off and figure out your first step to activating them?  

My Oak trees can wait, I only have so much time in my day to carry out all the ideas going on in my head (but know that beautifully groomed trees is one of my intentions!). Today I want to start sketching out the plans for one of my ideas. I want to start investigating next steps and interviewing people who may be able to help me find answers. 

This idea of mine is not new, and it is something that I hope will be duplicated, but it is new to me and I feel passionately about it. I want to create a pet sanctuary for all kinds of pets (no matter what species) where the owners can donate a certain amount of money for their pet’s upkeep every month so that if the owner dies before the pet, the pet has a place to go and live out their days happily.  I further want this place to be a sanctuary and retreat center for the owners so that over the course of their time with their pet, they can come to this place for a retreat on the weekends, etc.  This way the pet will “know” the place (if it is a pet that can travel easily).  I also know that I want 125 acres of Texas Hill Country with a river.  I also know that I would like this place to be an excellent teaching/training center for graduate students and postdocs studying animal behavior and wellness.

Now I need to take my first step, or maybe I just did by publicly letting you know that I want to create this. What is your first step?  And they next?

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