Name Three Things That You’ve Done Well Lately

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Was it easy for you to name them? If it was, then name five more things.  If you couldn’t come up with three then read on for some points to ponder.  I don’t know if you’re like me, but for a large portion of my life I have been focused on the things that I don’t do well so that I can learn, grow and change myself into doing them well.  This is a great intention in itself—to improve ourselves—however, it is just as important for us to take some time to notice the things that we also do well so that we can continue down the good road and thereby bring more good things into our world.More...

Three things I’ve done well lately:

1.)    Listened well to a coaching client and helped them navigate through their thoughts so that they were able to discover insights for themselves;

2.)    Chose not to engage in an argument with my husband about something that I didn’t agree with that he was doing and instead initiated a conversation to learn his point of view;

3.)    Contacted an old friend that I haven’t spoken with in a while to let them know they mattered to me

When I look back over my list of three I can see that in each case, I’ve done things well that cause me to feel good. It feels good to help people to discover their own unique wonderfulness.  It feels good to be in a happy communicative marriage and it feels good to acknowledge people in my life who have been important to me.  If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping to get a different response than perhaps a definition of sanity can be to notice the things that work well for us so that we can keep doing those things and as a result; keep feeling good.

Over the next week, try keeping a journal by your side so that when you are aware of things that you do well (and that make you feel good) you can jot them down.  Then at the end of the week look back over your list and ponder what you do well so that you can make an active choice to continue your actions in order to move you down the path of having the life you really want.

Would love to hear of your discoveries, you can always reach me at [email protected].


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