Sit-ups for the Soul!

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For awhile now I’ve been writing about the process of recognizing what I want to do with my life (figuring out my life’s calling), focusing on what I want (as opposed to what I don’t want) and growing up publicly (how can I keep food on the table while I pursue the work of my dreams).  In between the black of the letters and the white of the spaces of my words has also been the process of my subconscious mind (letting go of limiting behavior) and learning how to surrender to what seems to be the reality of the moment (acceptance).More...

I want to share a recent experience with you in hopes that it will help you in your journey of life.  During the course of the last few months, I’ve gone through various stages of surrender and acceptance about following my bliss and pursuing the career/business of my dreams and letting go of the outcome. I have become willing to apply for jobs that would bring in steady income and also continue to grow my coaching business along the way.  In my search through various job banks I came across a posting for an account manager position for a competitor of my former employer.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I could do the account manager job backwards and in heels if need be. In the past, I’d also had favorable dealings with the person who was hiring for this position so I sent him an email to see if he’d be willing to meet to discuss what I was doing now and how I might be able to help him.  Long story short, we had an amazing conversation and the conclusion was him wanting my help on a couple of projects and also strategizing how I could best help him through coaching along with my specific technical experience so that he could shine-shine-shine.  This process of reaching out and inviting someone to talk with me, so that we could have  a searching conversation to discover their needs and how I can help, has been the very process that I’ve been avoiding to grow my coaching business. I had convinced myself that my hesitation was because I didn’t want to come across as disingenuous to others but actually it was probably just plain old fear when all is said and done!

Later on that same day, I had a few friends who work for a large advertising firm that I’d like to consult/coach with offer to help me get in to meet with a key decision maker. They believe that I would be a perfect fit for their environment.  Within a matter of hours, my whole situation changed and that which I had held so dear to my heart—to be able to help others live the lives of their dreams—is apparently not only coming true but will also generate enough income for me to generously contribute to our household income.  This whole experience of recognition, acceptance and surrender has felt like I’ve been doing some form of soul sit-ups!  I may not have a six pack yet, but my soul certainly feels a lot more able to receive what is good for me and let go of what isn’t.

If you were going to assign soul sit-ups for yourself (recognizing the truth of a situation, accepting the reality and surrendering to what is) where would you choose to focus? The good news is that it won’t take you too long of consistent soul sit-ups for you to see the results soon.  Try it and let me know what you discover!


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