Global Warming

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What if we decided today that whenever we hear or read the term, “Global Warming” we will choose to believe it is a reminder for us to open up our global Earth-heart and let it warm up the planet with our love?More...

Okay, okay now before you think I’m having a flash back to the seventies (which might not be such a bad thing in itself) please hang in here with me for a minute.  Last year I attended a conference in which Deepak Chopra was the Keynote speaker.  One of the many insights that Mr. Chopra shared that stuck in my mind was that we have the knowledge right now to stop Global Warming.  In other words, there are people and there is technology available that can reverse and stop the horrors of Global Warming available for us now.

The idea came to me in a meditation for redirecting my thoughts and feelings when I hear “Global Warming” from thoughts that are full of fear and anxt to thoughts that enlist hope so that I can then be motivated to take positive action instead of being frozen in fear.  I don’t know how you feel when you hear about Global Warming, but I have noticed that I tend to close my ears and eyes to any information coming in about the effects of it because I feel too overwhelmed, too afraid and powerless.  I want to be able to learn about GW without being rendered hopeless.  Thinking of this major event in our lives as being an opportunity for our minds and hearts to open for new solutions seems like a good start.

So we can decide to hear or see Global Warming as a reminder that there is something greater than ourselves at play here and that we can choose to become part of the solution and the healing for our planet.  The first step to any solution is always awareness, but it’s difficult to allow awareness into our minds and hearts when they are frozen in fear.

We can choose to believe that we are all waking up together.

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