Becoming Real in the Technical Realm

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In the early eighties I worked for a world renowned electro analytical chemist who was the editor of a well-respected scientific journal.  Because this professor was an appointed “chair” for our prestigious university, he also had most everything he needed for conducting cutting edge research with his graduate and post doctoral students.  As a result we enjoyed a state of the art computer system for tracking manuscripts. This meant that we were able to “communicate” with our editorial colleagues at other universities through the computer.  Even so, this was a new and wonderful mode of communication and for this writer—it was nirvana.  Some of the various editors’ assistants and I used to exchange many pages of deep sharing about ourselves. This was my first experience at becoming real in the technical realm.More...

After I left the university I went to work for a magazine.  We used the same kind of computer system to communicate with each other in our office and around the country (by the way, all of this took place before the infamous world wide web).  Again, I experienced the wonder of being able to communicate thoughts that had been circling around in my brain with no easy way to come out until the wonder of technology.  From those times to the internet, I’ve had many experiences of actually becoming more real and honest about whom I am and what I believe than before this gift of connection.

What I’ve learned about becoming real through technology is this: the old way of “selling” people on you and your products does not work—in fact, I would venture to guess the average reader of newsletters, blogs and various forms of information on the net are pretty savvy and have within themselves excellent  bluff detectors.  Jim Logan wrote an excellent article today ( about “personalizing” newsletters. Or rather, that when people send out mass newsletters that appear to be personalized the readers (like Jim and me) are put off by the apparent phony ploy.  I want to take this a step further and suggest that every way you communicate on the net whether it is your website, your advertisements, your emails or your newsletters, is an opportunity for you to take yourself a step further in becoming real. 

You may not agree with me on this but I encourage you to take a step back into yourself for the next few days and notice how you react inside when you receive newsletters, emails and advertisements. You may find out that you have your own bluff detector alive and well inside and if you do than the odds are pretty good that others will have their own working when they receive anything from you.

How real are you in the technical realm?

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