5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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This morning I got “tagged” by Jim Logan (http://www.jslogan.com/content/view/53/42/)  The following is, hopefully, for your amusement!

 Tag, Your it!
written by Lynn Kindler, January 02, 2007

Jim, I love the way you responded and what you wrote about the five things we didn’t know about you. What a guy!! Let me see if I can take a stab at this,

Five things you didn’t know about me!
1.) My Dean of Girls at the boarding school I went to sent a note along with my report card when I was gathering info to go back to college which said, “Lynn, although your GPA is low it belies the fact that your IQ showed you in the top 10% in the nation”. I still have the note because it did so much to heal the shame in me for goofing off so much in high school. The Dean, by the way, was the closest thing to a “Baptist nun” that she could come to if Baptists had nuns. She was a gem and somehow she knew just the right thing to say to me even though I never asked for it.

2.) I love animals. All kinds. I believe that nature and animals can teach us all about ourselves and the world around us. We have a black Lab named, “Reality” who reminds me to be grateful and happy to be alive every morning when she comes running inside on a cold morning just bursting with energy as if to say, “Ain’t it great to be alive!!!”.

3.) My dad was a diplomat and a pilot. Consequently we did live in interesting countries such as Japan, Belgium and Canada. I met all kinds of interesting people growing up and like Jim shared in his post, people are people no matter where they come from. I loved learning about the cultures. In Belgium when my father and step-mom would have “working” parties in their home, the Belgians would begin arriving before the appointed begin time of the party and stay in their cars outside until the clock struck the hour and promptly come up to the door. They always brought gorgeous flowers and delicious wines and foods with them, no matter what the occassion.

4.) I’m very intuitive. Intuitive to the point that I used to make some people very uncomfortable around me until I learned how to share and when. For the past twelve years I worked in the technical realm as a recruiter, account manager and generalist. During that time I went through two Coach training programs and have been Coaching since 2001. My clients include professionals, small business owners and creatives, but it wasn’t until this last year that I embraced the component of intuition (spirit) into my practice. It’s still hard for me to acknowledge it, but it’s there and when I step out of the way and allow my higher power to act through me–wow are the coaching sessions powerful!

5.) I love working with groups of intelligent, dynamic and creative people. One of my first jobs was working in for a forensic pathologist in a hospital lab. I got to know the techs, the medical staff and the patients. I’ve worked with a world renowned elecroanalytical chemist who was also the editor of a major journal, which enabled me to interact with scientists across the globe. I worked for a publisher of a major magazine so I met writers and actors and musicians plus the major players with the WSJ and Dow Jones. The list goes on and on. I love learning about the lives of interesting people!!

Bonus fact:

I love to scuba dive AND I am a panic attack sufferer!! I’ve learned many techniques to overcoming panic attacks so that I can enjoy my dives and trust the process.

Okay, so I’m hoping Jim will get back with me and tell me how to tag the rest of you! Can’t wait to learn about you.

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