An Extra Serving of Gratitude….please!

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I’m a citizen of the great ole U.S. of A. which means that during this time of year, “we” celebrate Thanksgiving.  At this time, most of us gather with family and friends to give thanks for the country that we are blessed to live within. 

No matter what my political leanings may be, I am grateful to those men and women who are serving our country with the intention of bringing a better future for those people less fortunate then ourselves.  Thank you for your time, your energy and your hearts.

I must admit that for many years now I have felt very cynical during this time of year.  The meaning of many of the holidays that I celebrate seemed to have become so contrived that, over time, all I saw was dollar signs behind the messages.  I noticed that I had become a person who found it much easier to slide into a negative way of looking at things.  Yet, in many of the spiritual teachings I have studied, what I know to be true is.  whatever way I perceive my reality to be, is exactly how reality will be. When I focus on the negative aspects of life, I see more negative aspects of life.  It’s as if the Universe conspires to prove that this world is indeed a rotten world in which to be alive. 

As a result, I decided to try the reverse and put a  bit of effort into my perception of the world. I decided to focus on those things that I can be grateful for in my life. I started simply by being grateful that I could breathe, being grateful for hot water, being grateful for good nutritious food for my breakfast.  On my morning run, I thanked the Universe for the Cardinals singing in the trees, for my shoes that were still holding up, and for my knees after covering many miles on pavement!  My mind started getting punch-drunk on the gratitude I found, and I was grateful for such things as the  grass along the road that  had decayed to a perfect shade of gold for the sun to glint off magnificently.

The point is that when I can put a little bit of effort into being grateful for my life—no matter how much it may suck at the moment—I end up “feeling”  gratitude.  My cynical brain knows that I am blessed to be alive. 

Sometimes, as I am revving up my gratitude engine, I find the need to express my deepest yet most cynical side. For example, this morning, our beloved aged dog chose to lay in our entry way instead of being in his usual post right next to my head as I practiced the sun salutation.  I was able to complete a full series of sun salutations as the scent of the apple and cinnamon candle wafted through the air (further was my gratitude that both of the dogs allowed me to complete the set before they descended on me with 200 pounds of happy licking dog energy knocking me to and fro!).

Whatever your reason for finding something to be grateful for today, I encourage you to find it.  Put your focus on what is good in your life and more good will come your way. I’m grateful that you are out there, and that you’ve chosen to read this blog!! May many blessings flow your way!

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