Pepe Le Peux

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Last night as my husband and I were getting out of the hot tub our Black Lab decided she was going to corner a skunk in the back yard.  There are many odors in the world that can cause me to gag but, until last night, usually the smell of a skunk after it has thrown its scent is not one of them.  A freshly sprayed dog that has gotten up close and personal with a skunk is an entirely different story!

I Invite You to Come Explore a New Blog With Me….

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A few months ago my friend Nettie Hartsock introduced me to a blogger named Jim Logan who she knew from a Blog that they both wrote for called

Jim has recently created a new Blog site called  You can visit my first entry there called “Spirituality in the Workplace” by going to

As always, I’d love to receive your comments. 

Today I had the opportunity to take the ideas formed and distilled as a result of writing the article about Spirituality in the Workplace and created a 20-minute speech to give at the Inaugural Luncheon for a non-profit group called OLE, located here in Austin, Texas. 

As these things seem to happen, I was in the middle of brainstorming what the focus of my blog would be for “Life Before Business” /Small Business Gurus when Dillon McKenzie invited me to speak at his organization.  What a great opportunity for me to really have to sit down and get focused and clear about what I mean when I use the word, “spirituality” and what that means in the workplace. Wow. And what a loaded pair of dice too.

Here’s what I’ve learned thus far.  When we open up our minds and hearts to take the next action step that we’re inspired to take (writing, talking), we will be given all the tools that are needed to be successful in all that we do if we are as honest as possible with our intentions, actions and words.

Write on people. Write on!

Be Who You Are Today

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This morning I woke up to NPR talking about the anniversary of 9/11.  I couldn’t turn the radio off fast enough. Then, opened up the front page of the paper to see the President and Mrs. Bush under a banner of 9/11—couldn’t turn the page fast enough.  While I was having these reactions there was a still small voice inside of me, asking me, what I was feeling? What were my responses to the radio and the newspaper telling me?

Viva Mexico!

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We just returned from a fantastic 8 days in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico.  We’ve been returning to Cozumel almost every year since our first dive in 2000.  For awhile there I was concerned that we might be getting ourselves stuck in a rut by returning over and over again to Cozumel, but what I’m discovering is that we find new and interesting people, places and activities every time we return. I’m learning that there are diamonds to be discovered within the jewels that we already have when we are willing to slow down and enjoy them…..