Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Posted on : 26-08-2006 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


The President of my Toastmaster’s club, Patrick Hansen, began a speech with the song from the sixties, “Feeling Groovy”.  Of course it was trapped in my head for the rest of the day, which was not an unpleasant thing considering some of the jingles that sneak up in there without my awareness’s!  Someone taught me awhile back that we should pay attention to those songs that get caught in our heads because they may be trying to tell us something. Granted, if we have some raging punk song in there–it’s hard to slow down the tempo to grasp the lyrics–but that could be a message in itself.  Needless to say, the line that kept circling in my head from Patrick’s speech was, “slow down you move to fast”. 

I’m one of those people that move through life at break neck speed. Sometimes I may not look like I’m moving too fast, but inside my brain is usually in a whirr.  When I can slow down, take a breath and look around, I’m usually amazed by what I discover. It could be that I have just enough time to see that I may be about to schedule something on top of something else or it could be that what I’m hearing a person say is not really what they are saying so I need to slow down and pay attention so that I can grasp what they are trying to convey (the anthem of the ADD!)…. 

If you have a quick brain that can think in many directions at the same time, slowing down can be almost painful for you, but learning how to channel at least some of those directions into one streamlined thought can be very powerful.  One of the ways that I’ve learned to do this for myself is to: 

1.) Take a deep breath 

2.) Take another deep breath 

3.) Let the thoughts dissipate out of my brain 

4.) Notice how my body is feeling 

5.) Breathe into any area that feels tight and constricted 

6.) Close my eyes and focus on the third eye which is that space in-between my eyebrows and give my brain the job of trying to find the light in the dark and breath 

 When I can get myself to slow down usually clarity will follow.  Try it and journal about what you discover. Treat it like a science experiment for one week.  Write down what you do and your results. I would love to hear what you discover for yourself.  

Slow down we move to fast, we gotta make the morning last now…… 


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