Money is a Symbol for How We Spend Our Energy

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Have you ever taken out a dollar bill and looked at it only to discover that it is made of material? I’ve heard it say that if the bottom drops out of an economy, whatever the currency exchange is that is being used goes out the window and what becomes valuable is goods and services that can be exchanged for needed goods and services. Money, in a good economy, is simply a symbol representing how we spend our energy in exchange for goods and services. 

Today I invite you to read a blog posted by Sarah Zeldman . She gives some excellent ideas and pointers about how we can begin early, with our children, in teaching them how to use and spend their money.  All I remember from my early years was being sad that I had to break my pink piggy bank to get out the money so I could buy candy, but being very intent on getting the money out, piggy bank friend or not! 

Right now I’m listening to my favorite financial gurus on the internet, Dave Ramsey. He’s very much into family and kids and teaching the values of money and money management. Now, I need to admit to you that if Dave and I were to ever become friends, we’d have to agree to disagree on many things such as politics. However, boy have I learned a lot from him about how to become debt free.  I’m so grateful that I’m in a place in my life to want to hear this stuff and to want to do it. 

The first step towards any growth and change is to admit if you have a problem or if you don’t have a problem (with money) then to become conscious about your values around money and how you would like to convey this in everything you do with money (mom and dad’s with kids, this includes you too).  

The second step is to write out what you would like to do differently or what you would like to teach your kids or the conversation you would like to have with your spouse (please email me if you’d like for me to send you a 55 questionnaire around finances for you and your spouse).  

The third step is to tie your tennis and take one action step towards what you want to do around money. For me, it is to keep our Quicken account as updated as possible whenever I use money so that we can know where we stand with one click. 

The Fourth step is to get a picture frame and put a one dollar bill inside of it and hang it where you can see it so that you can remember that money is simply a symbol for how you are spending your energy. 

How are you spending your energy today? 


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Hi Lynn,

I’m glad you liked the moonjar. You are SO RIGHT about money representing our energy! I’d like to share one more money managment resource that really worked for me to understand where my money-energy was going. It’s a great money tracking & budgeting tool called Mvelopes. You can see my review of it here:

I hope that is helpful to someone out there! 🙂

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