Be On Purpose So That You Can Live Your Life Well

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What does being on purpose mean to you?  How would you feel if you were living on purpose? How would you know that you were on purpose?  For me, it’s a “knowing” inside of me. The knowing feeling is like a warm feeling throughout my tummy.  There is also evidence of my being on purpose through feedback that I get from the Universe via friends, associates, clients even perfect strangers.  My purpose in life is to help others so that they can help me so that we can help everyone else.  I realize it is very broad, but for me and my brain, it is an easy purpose for me to check in so that no matter where I am or what is going on. I can simply ask myself, “am I on purpose”? I can further take my purpose into how I choose to earn income so that I can pay my expenses and live well.  Today I am a Professional Life Coach who loves to help people figure out what their purpose is and how they want to live their lives so that they can create the lives of their dreams.  I also am a writer who loves to help people by inspiring and motivating them to have hope and to see possibilities within their reach.  I also am a radio personality who loves to engage people in thinking and feeling deeply so that they can gain a new perspective for their lives. 

This morning I’ve emailed back and forth with two clients who are in the process of seeking and realizing their life purposes. One of them is creating a business involving pets (It’s very innovative and in the formative stages!) while she gets her finances, responsibilities and time in order so that she can leave her lucrative marketing career by the end of this year. The other is a technical architect who also loves animals as well as the life style he has created through his technical career.  The person who is creating the business for pets is staying on course and focused by remembering the purpose of her business. This purpose can keep her on course as she navigates through the fog of creation. The technical architect is figuring out what his purpose and how he can realize himself in the job he has now as well as what he does when he is not working. The bottom line is that none of us are going to make it out of this life alive, so why not be on purpose so that we can live our lives well? 

My good friend Nettie Hartsock wrote a blog recently about Susan Butcher, four-time winner of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race which you can find at . Susan died Saturday of acute myelogenous leukemia.  The important point of Nettie’s post is that all this time Nettie had known of Susan and her amazing skills as an Iditarod racer yet had no idea that Susan’s most prized triumph was her children.  She was a first-rate mom.  I believe if we explored Susan’s history we would see her purpose woven throughout her triumphs both in her personal life as well as her professional life. Today Susan leaves behind family and friends and people who don’t even know her. She also leaves an example for us to ponder about a life well-lived.  Try asking yourself at different points throughout your day today, “Am I on purpose” even if you don’t know what your purpose is–this will at least get you thinking about it. 


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Purpose? Purpose… Purpose. Purpose!

* Finding your purpose is a journey.
* Finding your purpose is an adventure into the depth of who you really are.
* Finding your purpose is the process of refining who you are at your essence.
* Finding your purpose isn’t about finding your purpose but simply stepping out of the way so that you can see it.

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