Power of Words: Interview of Nettie Hartsock

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Nettie Hartsock is a good friend of mine who is a writer, editor, provocateur and inspirational teacher. She is a mom of two very special kids, Emma and Gibson and a wife of one zany children’s musician and teacher, Andy Hartsock (who has a CD coming out at the end of this summer with my favorite song, “Five Little Monkeys”).  More...

LK: Nettie what can you tell us about your beliefs about writing.

NH:  In the movie about Leonard Cohen that I saw this weekend he says, “That you’ve got to write it all down so you know what to abandon.”  In other words, get it all out there and then you can figure out what you want to keep and what you want to let go of. So I’m constantly writing it all down!

LK: Tell me more about your views on writing (your gifts) and what inspires you.NH: I want to be able to liberate myself from my writing—step out of my way and enjoy and share the gift that I’ve been given.  I also want to be able to use my writing to channel more love and help other people with their gifts.

LK:  What about the Power of Words Conference upcoming at Goddard College motivates you to help get the word out about it (why is it important to you).

NH:  It’s a great conference because it really embraces all the creativity.  It’s about applying creativity through the spoken word in writing and song for the greater good and it’s really about supporting and transforming the community through the arts.  I suppose this is very similar to the days of Shakespeare and how communities gathered together to teach, learn and transform through the arts.

LK:  How do you want to apply your creativity?

NH:  By stepping out of my own way and letting it serve for the deeper Universal purpose. I want to be someone who can use my gift—let God use my gift– to be a healing force.  I think it’s about getting your ego out of the way and getting your fame gone.  Which I think is the whole key to being able to go deep into the heart of your creativity and its purpose.

I loved what Leonard Cohen said, “You’re not the star of the play. You never were”. It’s God/source (whatever you want to call it) a bigger play for the greater good.

LK: How do you think the Power of Words Conference dovetails with all the hoopla about the Indigo beings coming into the planet now with special gifts for humanity?

NH:  The Power of Words Conference dovetails even beyond Indigo.  I believe it is all about giving life to creativity and that everyone (including non-Indigos) is coming back to that now and that is why we’re recognizing more of these souls because we’re becoming more integrity bound people. We are asking questions about where we are in our lives.  It’s about acceptance. Once we accept where we are in our lives, then we can transform other people.

My kids are very Indigo and with that kind of attribute-they’ll have to be welcomed in our society and fame is not the welcome. Fame is more like the veil we have to go through to get to the heart of the creativity. It keeps you in the world. I think the path for most of us is to raise the consciousness of everyone to a higher level through what we’re doing

I believe the Power of Words Conference is focused on raising consciousness through the arts. Many attendees are already doing this in their own communities.

Information about the Power of Words Conference
The Power of Words conference will be held at Goddard College in Plainfield, VT.

Oct. 6-9, is filling up, if you plan on attending, it is suggested to register now to assure your lodging.  They still have rooms left on campus.  If you wish to lodge off-campus, please be sure to reserve your room pronto because many of the rooms held for us will be released in August.  For details on lodging, and other aspects of the conference, please see www.goddard.edu/TLAconfinfo.html.

 The Power of Words conference brings together close to 40 presenters, storytellers, poets, actors, writers, songwriters, performance artists, educators, healers, counselors and much more — for a weekend of hands-on workshops on a wide range of expressive language arts and right livelihood.  Explore how to use writing, storytelling, drama, music and related arts to make a meaningful living while contributing to your Community.

Held on the beautiful campus of Goddard College, located in the heart of the Green Mountains, at the height of fall foliage, this weekend promises to be a time of great replenishment and meaning for participants.  At this time of intense summer, imagine fall! You may register on the web at www.goddard.edu/academic/TLAconference.html, or by contacting Jewel Mason  at 802/454-8311, x204, or through email to [email protected] 


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