Inviting Yourself to Come “Home”

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Today our “Heartfelt Conversations” group gathered within the home of one of my favorite singer/songwriters.  What I noticed about her home is that every part of it, from the sunflowers growing in a circle in the front yard, to the bright colors that adorned her walls to her daughter and the calmest Jack Russell Terrier I’ve ever met, every part of it reflected who this person says she is through her songs and her “being-ness”. She seems truly “at home” with herself. What a gift! 

I got to thinking of my home and how it might give me clues to who I really am inside.  It’s kind of interesting to because there are some pieces of furniture that I have which are kind of formal when I think about them.  Certainly I wouldn’t call some of these pieces whimsical, and yet there are also signs here and there that people with some kind of sense of humor in life who reside in our home.   I usually don’t think of our home as having any formality because we don’t have the usual “formal” dining or living room and most everything usually has at least two kinds of pet hair on them, if not three or four.  And yet when I think of my friend’s home today, I loved her bright green sitting room walls, but would I ever dare to paint my walls bright green? 

Part of what I am learning to do right now is accept all kinds of parts of me that I am becoming aware of right now about myself.  It kind of reminds me of when I was in my twenties and although people told me I was pretty, most of the time I felt very awkward. I felt like my arms were too long for my body and that my wrist bones stuck out a whole lot more than everyone else’s.  I was hyper aware of parts of myself but not the whole of myself.  

I have a couple of clients right now who are in the process of learning who they are and what makes their hearts sing so that they can respect who they are and take the steps they need to, to live the life they want to live.  One of these clients came to me with many “lists” of things that weren’t working in her life.  She had so many items that she hadn’t gotten done that they were crowding inside of her head and drowning out her creativity.  Once she began looking at her lists in “chunks” and figuring out what she was willing to attempt to get done in-between appointments, I saw her step back in to herself. I saw her come “home”.  After our last session she sent me her “fieldwork” list that evening with many of her to-dos crossed off already!  Her vital energy of self-satisfaction and the glow of joy jumped out of her email to me. 

 I think for many of us, we learned to live half-way out of our bodies going full tilt into the future as if our minds were a sail for our bodies instead of our souls.  What I would like to invite you to do is to give yourself some time today to get quiet and look around where you live. What clues are around you about who you are?  What would it be like for you to come “home” tonight? 

 As always, I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to know what coming “home” means to you. 



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Hey there Lynn!
Okay so Ham told me you had a blog and of course I had to come and check it out.
Coming home to me in a physical sense of the word is the typical run of the mill….laundry, dinner, feed dogs, make phone calls, TV/book/sudoku/crossword, bed. Ah yes, truely the exciting life! 🙂 But on the other side of this statement, if I did not have dogs to feed, and things to do and a loving person in my life to cook dinner with, then this home would be so empty.

Home is a funny word if you say enough times!

My parents sold the house I grew up in about 6 years ago. They moved to the northern coast. Even though it is further away, the furniture has changed and its not the house I grew up in, it is still home. Always in my heart my parent’s house is where I go to find that retreat back to home. And that is an easy one to figure out. The one greatest thing that has changed though, in thinking about my folks and home, is the relationship I have with them both and how much it has grown and blossomed into a beautiful friendship too.

Another quick example of home to me, is a friend that I have haad since I was three years old. It is not important where we are, what we do, but when we get together, it is home.

* Coming home is feeling things fully
* Coming home means I have the quiet-yet-powerful knowing that I am whole
* Coming home means that I am the same as everyone else yet allow myself to be unique
* Coming home means that everything in my life is perfect even when it’s not
* Coming home is acting according to the needs of the moment with the entirety of my being
* Coming home is not needing to do anything yet inspired to do it all
* Coming home is the knowing that it’s safe and that everything I could possibly want is right here and right now
* Coming home is reading a blog that inspires me to be me

** Thank You **

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