Talking From the Heart

Posted on : 18-05-2006 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks


Today I got to be part of a show, Soul Talk radio show (KOOP 91.7) hosted by Nelin Hudani who is the illustrious leader of the “Heartfelt Conversations” group that meets every other Wednesday for an hour and a half as we discuss matters of our hearts and souls.  What fun!  We spoke about Beliefs, Choices and Emotions for an hour, the time just zoomed by

Being able to laugh at yourself

Posted on : 16-05-2006 | By : Lynn | In : Humor


So I’m one of these people that LOVES to laugh. I mean, I would do just about anything to be around, talk to, or watch someone that really tickles my funny bone. And I’ve been told that I can be very funny too. Sometimes I will go out of my way to make someone laugh, especially if they have a really good hearty laugh like my good friend MC and her brother. They are the type of laughers who have a burbling laughter that starts somewhere just below their guts and rumbles up and through their mouths, in most cases forcing their heads back and racking their bodies as they let out their sounds.

Coral Reefs

Posted on : 15-05-2006 | By : Lynn | In : Coral Reefs


This weekend I had the privilege of viewing a slide show hosted by Maurine Shimlock and Burt Jones consisting of underwater photos culled from over thirty years of scuba diving. Wow. They were amazing because of the unique creatures they shot as well as places they visited (Fiji, Borneo, Galapagos, Mexico, etc.).

Calling All Leaders

Posted on : 10-05-2006 | By : Lynn | In : Leadership


So, I’m curious. What descriptors do you use to describe a leader? And also, what personality traits do you feel are important for a leader to have? And while we’re at it, who in your own world (work, home, play) do you consider a “leader” and why? How are they a leader? Why do you follow their lead? Are you a leader as well? If so, what are your leader-qualities?

Hello world!

Posted on : 04-05-2006 | By : Lynn | In : Introduction


The real truth is that I want to be the most perfect blogger that ever hit the planet and I know that I just need to get over that right now, hence my putting it out there in my greeting to you. My true-gut-level intention is to help others through my experiences in life as well as in Coaching others and being Coached. I want for you to feel comfortable in reading what I write so that you can “see yourself” in some of my experiences and take from them something that can be useful for you.