Intentions Followed Through With Action

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What do you think about when you hear the word, “intention”?  In Webster’s Dictionary, “intention” is defined as 1.) a determination to act in a certain way; and 3.) what one intends to bring about.  For me, I believe that intention is the force behind our thought which can then motivate us into action which, of course, brings about the manifestation of our intention. Recognizing the power of first having a thought that lights us up, and then  energizing this thought with the focus of our intention and finally following through with action(s) is how we can help make our dreams come true.

Start simply.  Notice something simple such as how you feel when you open your closet door.  Do you immediately feel cramped, or does your heart open up with gratitude for all that you have in your closet?  If you feel cramped and would like to feel the gratitude instead,  what intentions can you have to help you create a closet that makes your heart open up?  What if you took a good long hard look at everything that you see hanging, folding, stuffed, tossed about in your closet and evaluated each and every piece as to how you feel about it when you hold it.  Do you love this piece of clothing that you are holding? Do you appreciate its colors? Does it make you feel good when you wear it?  If not, then why are you holding on to it?  Consider if there is some person or some place that you could give this item to who would appreciate it.  Do you love it but it has a seam out and needs to be mended? If so, is it worth your time and effort to take it to a seamstress or tailor?  Or is this something that you can create the time to do for yourself?  And finally, is it a piece that you have worn at least once in the last month or two? Is it possible that it is in such dire disrepair that it can become a rag for dusting or a shirt to throw on when your painting or doing yard work? 

To recap the closet example:

1.) first have a thought and feeling about how the contents of your closet makes you feel?

2.) then create the intention of having a closet that makes your heart open up so that everytime you look at it’s contents you feel good and you feel grateful for what you have.

3.) follow through with action by taking each and every piece and evaluaing them to either be given away, mended, created into something else or thrown out with the final outcome to be your “intention” of having a very pleasing closet.

This is just one example, but there are many others.  Notice your mind chatter when you create your road map for cleaning out your closet.  Do you hear any “yeah butts” operating at a lower frequency along the way?  Acknowledge them, and then let them go by keeping the vision of your intention for a clean and pleasing closet in your mind.  I can’t tell you enough how much a $9 shoe rack from Target pleased me to no end when I brought it home and tossed out the old one with the bent legs that would cause my shoes to scatter to the four winds upon mere whim.  Now I have a good sturdy shoe rack that holds my shoes in place firmly and does not budge.  When I open my closet door, I notice that the slight and sublte draining energy of a flimsy shoe rack is gone.  Makes me wonder how many other things I could take care of that are depleting my energy so that I can live happily.

After you’ve finished reading this, contemplate one thought, intention and action that you could put into place today and see how it makes you feel.  Give yourself the gift of putting your dreams into action and see what you can create.  The Universe is waiting.

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I love the idea of a world in which the leaders first connect to themselves and lead others from that grounded place.

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