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Posted on : 15-05-2006 | By : Lynn | In : Coral Reefs


This weekend I had the privilege of viewing a slide show hosted by Maurine Shimlock and Burt Jones consisting of underwater photos culled from over thirty years of scuba diving. Wow. They were amazing because of the unique creatures they shot as well as places they visited (Fiji, Borneo, Galapagos, Mexico, etc.).

The evening was festive and lively; however, one suggestion was made that did put a damper on my heart which was if you are a scuba diver and you love coral reefs, go dive now because in 10-15 years, all the coral could be gone. Since my husband and I began diving in 2000, we have already seen shifts and differences in the coral we love, such as Cozumel. That’s only six years folks.

Two divers that we met in the Yucuatan (Mexico), Teri and Terry have devoted their beliefs and love for educating and saving the coral–see Coral There is hope and we can make a difference, but if we want to make a difference, we need to do it now.

If you are a diver, please pay attention to your body (arms,legs) and your fins when you are diving. Don’t hold on to the coral. Don’t kick it. If you have to walk from the shore to the water, pay attention to what you are walking on. One of the places Burt and Maurine had visited just a few years ago (Borneo? ) had beautiful coral. Now much of it is almost gone because there were times throughout the year when the water would recede drastically and leave the coral exposed. People zealous to get in the water, would walk right on the top of the exposed coral, killing it.

Please pay attention and remember, we are visitors to the underwater. Be respectful.

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