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One of the first questions most people ask Coach Lynn Kindler is, “who are your typical clients?”  Her answer is perhaps different than you’d expect.  Since 2001, Coach Lynn has worked with clients from all kinds of backgrounds from small business owners, attorneys, technical project managers and directors to real estate teams.  Overall, there are some common themes no matter what their background:

* A sense of commitment to themselves and  a desire to  accomplish specific goals, dreams and intentions ;

* A willingness to dig deep within themselves so that they can clean-up old beliefs and create new positive beliefs about their lives both personally and professionally;

* A willingness to keep taking action whether the steps are small or big action in order to achieve their goals—no matter how mundane or difficult;

* A belief that something bigger than themselves is at the helm of their lives however they choose to define it.

Are you in a career or life transition?

Do you ever wonder if your career or life could be enhanced significantly? Do you dream of finding the perfect blend of job and life, feeling your whole purpose in both endeavors?  Or do you just need someone to help you fine-tune your skills so your consciously chosen life path can begin?

Coach Lynn will help you to gain awareness of your strengths, skills, experiences and talents. She will help you truly recognize and become aware of those amazing abilities that only you can bring to your career or life.

If you have the willingness and desire to create the life you really want, then Coach Lynn will be right by your side to help and encourage the fine-tuning of all your dreams and goals to full success.

Cut-to-the-chase Coaching

Cut-to-the-chase coaching is definitely not for everybody.  This kind of coaching is for those individuals who have a good idea of where they want to go or what they want to accomplish and are ready to go from 0 to G-Force in a 20 minute coaching call.  People who are attracted to this kind of coaching tend to be knowledge seekers, which means they have explored all kinds of programs, conferences, retreats to get to the “nut” of life and so they know how to jump in and ask for what they want and need.  You may either set up a one-time CTC Coaching session or for the two week CTC Coaching program which entails an initial 45 minute phone call  (or face-to-face meeting) to lay out the ground work for your coaching intent and then a twenty minute coaching call for the next three days as well as four consecutive days of twenty minute coaching calls the following week.

Monthly-Spot-Checking Coaching

Once a month for one year (except for the month of August),  you will call or meet with Coach Lynn for one hour for a spot check on where you are with your goals now and where you are headed. People who are attracted to this program have more than likely already gone through some kind of an intensive coaching or leadership program and are well on their way to living the life they want. Touching base with an experienced Coach helps winners to stay accountable, persistent and on-track.

Group Coaching Calls

Group coaching calls will be specifically crafted and focused with the callers in mind.  Members will call a bridge line twice a week for 45 minutes for a five week session.  Look for details about the upcoming “Mastery” and “What’s Your Calling” calls in the Lynn Kindler Coaching Newsletter

The Ala Carte Approach

Design your own coaching program whether you choose to purchase a block of ten cut-to-the-chase coaching calls to fit to your schedule or bi-monthly spot checking coaching calls, we will help you create the program that suits your life best!

Specialized Coaching Retreats

Half day, full day and weekend long retreats offered by a Certified Retreat Coach. Various diverse retreats offered from “Extreme Self-Care” to “Zip-Line Tours”.  Please contact Lynn at [email protected] to setup your retreat.

Remember , however life may be calling you, you can have the life you truly want to have!  Call (512-686-8333) or email [email protected] Coach Lynn today.

Your life is waiting!