Blog #39 Hip Hop and It Don’t Stop!

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The Hip Hop Congress of Texas State University held a Hip Hop Dance, Rap, etc. contest to “Edutain” this past Wednesday and guess who sat amongst the contestants while they were waiting to try out?

No, I didn’t perform but I did go to my favorite table in the LBJ Student Center to eat my dinner and study and found myself right in the pathway of people setting up for tryouts for the Edutainment and rappers sitting around

out their feelings for the day
with a swing
and a salute
and anything that’d lay

Anyway, it was fun. No one seemed to mind my sitting there minding my own business. There were two guys sitting at a table a little ways from me and one guy was rapping his heart out and had such a good “rhydum” that some of the competitors at another table started swaying to the beat he made in spite of themselves. In fact, I’d guess that most of us sitting near him were moving some part of our bodies to his rhyme. I loved watching his face too because he had joy and expression and power as he said what he needed to say.

Maybe it’s a good thing that I’ve returned to school after such a long time because I’m not as sensitive as I used to be about where I should be or not. I go where it feels right. I think there is an inner rapper in me. I’d sure like to learn how to do it. I love listening and watching the Def Jam poets.

I just hope I can learn this stuff before I become a caricature of myself like the little old man who would break dance in the Six Flags Over Texas commercial. Remember him? Just, God, please let me be able to keep a beat to the rhythm of the words from my heart.

What about you? What is inside of you that you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t give yourself permission to do?


Blog #10 Honors in the Fifth Decade of Life

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Wednesday I drove to San Marcos to help out the Honors Department with the deluge of students and professors who would be convening for a “Meet the Professor Night” and so I could also sign up for a couple of the classes that I want to take in the fall.

I’m still trying to figure out how the Honors Program works but basically the intent of this evening was for the professors to introduce themselves and the course they will be offering and for the students to introduce themselves and sign up for the course they would like to take in the Fall. Some classes fill up fast because they only allow 17 students per class. 17. 17. 17. Ahhh, such a nice thing to hear after the two classes I’m taking this semester with 400 students a piece.

Here’s one of the courses that I signed up for and have been accepted into the class for the Fall:

HON 2390M Making Spaces
Instructor: Awoniyi, Steve Days/time: MW 3:30-4:50 pm Location: LAMP 501
Intensive exploration of the character of spaces we inhabit with a significant component of in-class discussion and analyses of images of works of preeminent architects/designers. Another significant component includes extensive hands-on building of precedent-based analytical/study models to teach lessons about visualizing and creating space.

Substitution(s): counts towards the Honors Minor

I so encourage anyone in school or thinking about returning to school (especially Texas State University) to check out the Honors Program. I would have never had the courage when I was 18 so I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore this now. I have been so impressed with every single person I’ve met in the department thus far from the Dean to the Associate Dean to the Admin III to all the workers and students. Just a really nice bunch of people.

And smart!!!

So grateful to have something to wrap my mind around just for the shear fun of learning. Hmmm maybe I’ll actually be able to apply this later on so that I can be of service to others.

What about you? How are you feeding your mind and heart these days?