Do You Really Know What Your Opinions Are? – RAV006

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Most of us probably believe we at least know what our opinions are about most things in life and also feel pretty confident about how we see things.  Yet, if you’re like me, given the right circumstances you might find out that you don’t know more than you realized you didn’t know.  How does that saying go from college philosophy classes,  something along the lines of “we know what we know” and maybe “we know what we don’t know” but only if we’re really paying attention will “we not know what we don’t know.”



You can imagine my amazement while working on a social media evaluation project to discover that I have many more definite opinions than I realized.  Perhaps this opportunity revealed itself because in this project instead of weaving through various social media only to land upon that which really sparks my interest I am required to spend time on each post and to evaluate them.  For example, because I am such a huge animal lover and nature lover you would think (I certainly did!) that I would want to watch or read every video or post that had animals involved wouldn’t you?  As it turns out, that part of me that is all about justice really has some definite opinions about what type of animal videos, memes, jpgs are out there and specifically what is okay and what is not. Like a video going around that shows a mama giraffe giving birth in the zoo with all the people on the other side of her cage watching her walk around with her baby’s hooves sticking out and even a zookeeper following her with a video camera as she goes through the birthing process.  It is true that if I happened upon the same situation whilst on an African Safari (photography of course) and I could observe a giraffe giving birth like this without being obvious (think Jane Goodall) I would watch and be fascinated but this incident struck me as being particularly garish since this normally wild beast was imprisoned and because it was surrounded by predators (yes dear people, in the wild, certainly around such a vulnerable time we would be considered predators I’m almost certain) the video was painful to even just see the still of what it was without even viewing the content.

Thought for the Day: Wonder if something like social media, which many of us may judge to be just hitting the surface of life, when looked upon more deeply can help us to learn unexpected things about ourselves and others?

Helpful Hints for Being Human: It’s a good thing for us to open up our minds and hearts for new information about ourselves and others because it’s possible that there may be a whole lot out there that we don’t know that we don’t know!

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Hellooooo Out There! Yes, We’re Still Alive and Kicking! RAV001

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Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve written in this spot.   Welcome back as we enter the year 2015.  Yesterday I committed with fellow writer Cyndi Hughes that I’d start this blog up again and write every day for the next 365 days.

Because I’m on the thick part of the tail end of the Boomers my perspective will be that of a Baby Boomer but really I’m writing to YOU, dear reader, that unique part of you who sees the wry sometimes unsettling part of being human in all its messy beautiful awkwardness.  So let’s gather around, warm our hands by the fire and get started.  I would love to hear from you so please do share your insights, comments, humor, wisdom and musings!   tumblr_lndq57xolB1qctkcl

Thought for the day:  There seems to be several writer friends who have been swimming around in various social media pools for a few years and are sick, sick, sick of it!  Are you? What are you noticing or experiencing?  A few of the digital publicists I know are tired of the b.s. of it all. They are burnt out from working with clients, especially the ones who tout themselves as being spiritual leaders for a better humanity, who (in real life) act like complete and total dicks to everyone around them (family, friends and employees).

Helpful Hint for Being Human: Don’t believe everyone’s B.S. and definitely don’t believe in your own!  There is one part of me that takes comfort in the fact that “we are all connected” and then another that likes being unique from others which means I have to somehow accept that I am just one of many unique beings.  The comfort I can take from this is that although we humans can sometimes be apathetic and indifferent en masse when we choose to shake ourselves awake we can use our unique perspective to take a look around and choose how we want to experience life.




DINK #137 Friendship vs. Social Media

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It’s pretty interesting to me that there seems to be a real up swell of activity and interest in defining what “true friendship” means in relationship to all the social media that is available to us today. Apparently some people start from the point of view that we humans were experiencing real connectedness and true friendship before technological advancements and now the evil social media and technology is stifling and preventing these friendships from growing, maturing or even occurring in some cases.

All the advancements that we are experiencing through technology in social media is not the evil doers, it is the users who decide how it will be used and in what capacity. If it is in the makeup of our brains, hearts and egos to delve into the superficial relationships that social media affords us, then that is what we will do. If, on the other hand, we are willing to make the investment in ourselves and others towards growing intimate connections with other people, we will do that to with or without social media. All that social media has done is offered us more layers to dive into acquaintanceships or friendships whether it is shallow or deep.

The kind of friendships I enjoy today are ones where we help each other to grow as people, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For me, true friendships are the ones where you have each others back no matter what, that you accept the good with the bad and where you are willing to step out on the emotional ledge of uncomfortableness to be honest in what you see in each other, no matter how good or bad.

Author John O’Donohue talks about The Kalyana-Mitra in this way, “The Buddhist tradition has a lovely concept of friendship, the notion of the Kalyana-mitra, the noble-friend. Your Kalyana-Mitra, your noble friend, will not accept pretension but will gently and very firmly confront you with your own blindness. No one can see his life totally. As there is a blind spot in the retina of the human eye, there is also in the soul a blind side where you are not able to see. Therefore you must depend on the one you love to see for you what you cannot see for yourself. Your Kalyana-mitra compliments your vision in a kind and critical way. Such friendship is creative and critical; it is willing to negotiate awkward and uneven territories of contradiction and woundedness.”

In other words, a true friendship is one that can weather both friends seeing the other as clearly as they are able–good and bad—and their reflection is received gladly from the other. I have friends like this and I am eternally grateful for their ability to see the me that I am unable to see.

My experience using social media is that it can be a wonderful tool to grow friendships if you already have the internal tools in place to know how to grow friendships. Social media is just a tool, it is not a result.

Now I’m going to turn off my pc for the day and go enjoy the rest of Sunday with my very true friend, my husband. I hope you will go enjoy the day with a very true friend or explore what true friendship means for you.