NEXT024 Finding the Beauty in the Buzzards’ Soaring

Posted on : 08-08-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Featured, Spirituality

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This morning while talking with  my mentor and swinging on the bench on the back deck, I looked up to see the buzzards who live in our hood taking off in a gangly looking flight catching the air streams and soaring.  If they had been kids and the air had been water, they would have been sliding.  I swear they took turns catching currents, riding them out and following each other to the next higher slip streams  above.  At some point I stopped watching them fly and didn’t look up again until 20 minutes later. You could barely make out the buzzards soaring above because they had gotten so high up that they looked like little specks of burnt paper floating away in the wind.

I asked some of my friends who partake of sailplanes and gliders how high they’ve seen buzzards fly and from what I could put together, evidently they can fly to amazing elevations. One of my friends said that when the buzzards are soaring like that, it means they’re are some good air streams for the sail planes to find.  I also looked up Buzzard Animal Medicine, but I’m not so happy with what I could find because it all seemed to focus on death and buzzards being harbingers of death; however in the ancient Egyptian times buzzards were seen as beings of divination.  It is true that buzzards are carrion and do not kill but rather eat the carcasses of dead animals; however after watching them soar like they did today, I have to find the beauty in what their medicine represents.  In many of the intuitive and astrological readings of what Planet Earth is going through right now in terms of our spiritual growth,  many of the ones that I respect and follow talk about us birthing into a new era and that during this course in time there may be many people leaving Earth (dying) because they have done what they needed to do here.

I’d much prefer to look at the Buzzards as reminding that the old ways (me/you/us) of doing things are falling away and the new ways (me/you/us) of doing things are being born and more than that, for us to take flight and soar into these new realms of being.

How about you? Where have you found beauty lately in the most unexpected places?