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Every morning and every night most of us, if we care at all about our teeth and gums, brush our teeth.  If you’re like me, I always marvel at that innocent elegant device called the  flip top cap to the  toothpaste tube.  Instead of the cap detaching from the tube and becoming forever lost like one mitten in the snow, much less experiencing the inconvenience from massive quantities of tooth paste winding its way around your sink, the counter and any other number of places that a tube could get knocked about during your morning stupor, it simply flips open for you to squeeze out just enough for your brush and then can easily be flipped shut before the tube even leaves your hand. In fact, you want to flip it shut. It feels good and right to do a one-handed flip shut with the tooth paste because it may be the only thing that you can flip shut with one hand all the days of your life and now you can do it every morning and night. But I digress.  It’s amazing that since 1886 when Dr. Lucias Sheffield invented the first tube of toothpaste all the way up until 2006 when Howard Wright filed his patent for the toothpaste flip top cap, we, the people of clean teeth, have been living with the inconvenience of tubes of paste and all that entails for well over a century.

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It took us over 100 years of using something at least 2x a day for every day of our lives to recognize a solution that was right in front of us. Thanks  be to you Howard Wright.

This reminds me of the great comedy of 1963 called, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World” with so many of the great actors and comedians of the sixties. The premise of the story is that a dying man’s last words which are of a buried treasure under a “Big W”.  Hijinks ensue and off we go for a wild and madcap jaunt in a race to find the Big W.  For those of you who may have not seen this movie yet I will spare you from revealing the end but suffice it to say that the Big W was right in front of them.  Art mimicking life or life mimicking art you know we do either all the time and then tend to make fun of ourselves for not seeing the obvious.

Thought for the Day:  What solution elegant yet simple solution is right in front of you just waiting to be recognized?

Helpful Hint for Being Human:  When we are ready to see or hear the answer, we will.  Asking for the help to recognize the answers in front of us is a first step.

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NEXT040 Take Your Kudos From Whence They Come

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About seven years ago, I took the Winslow Assessment because I wanted to offer it to my coaching clients and my Coach at the time used your own personal assessment as part of the training for understanding and explaining  it to others.  One of the personality traits that stood out about me was that I had pretty much off the charts a need for recognition.  Just like “if you give a mouse a cookie” , having a high need for recognition can be a good thing or a negative thing depending on how it is perceived and handled.  Some of the wisdom that I received over the years from the wonderful Coaches who I have worked with includes the belief that we all have needs. Needs are not good or bad, they just “are”.  Much as a flower needs sunshine, soil, water and nutrients, we “need” certain things as well.  Then it was advised that when you recognize an unmet need, to come up with as many ways/times/conditions etc. as you can to get that need met. In other words, create a way to get your need saturated.  Coach Steve Straus likes to say that he believed that “needs can be permanently healed:”.  When I first heard Steve say that, I thought that sounded pretty off the wall but I respected him enough to hang with it to see if it was possible to permanently heal a need and I’ve come to believe that, at least some needs, can be permanently healed.

Some of what I did to get recognized in a healthy way was to write.  I’ve been writing and writing and writing since 2006 and in fact just began another 365 blogs in 365 days competition with myself.  I also have been hosting web radio shows, one that is defunct and one that has been going on for a few years now ( where i get to interview all kinds of people from all over the world who are up to good things that bring hope to us.  Slowly, ever so slowly I began to feel that need for recognition dissipate where I preferred to share recognition with others and in some cases reflect it to others completely.

Some of the gifts that come from healing that huge need for recognition (that probably got me into a lot of trouble in my youth!) is that I can take my kudos from all kinds of places and in all kinds of degrees today.  One of my favorite Starbuck’s Baristas and soon-to-be-radio-talent Herc Trevino, gave me some of the nicest compliments about some postings of mine the other day as I grabbed my java.  Absolutely made my week!  Another friend on LinkedIn voted my share as “Best of” for her Question which was a true honor that I really appreciated.  Did I need either of these to meet my need for recognition? No.  But I accept them gratefully and take in the generosity from which they were given with gratitude. Such a nice place to be in when receiving instead of being needy, needy, needy!! But I haven’t figured out yet how to get through the needy, needy, needy without finding a way to absolutely drench yourself with ways to get your needs met first so that when you are (I am) recognized, I’m able to receive and reciprocate the appreciation that has been extended because I have an overflowing cup to give from.

The grandfather of coaching, Thomas Leonard, used to tell us to get your needs fully met so that you can then give to others from your reserves. The idea being that you can give from your overflow gladly because there is plenty to go around.

What kudos/recognition/needs have you recognized today?

Accepting Kudos from Whence They Came!