DINK #140 When You Meet Yourself Coming And Going….It’s A Clue!

Posted on : 09-08-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized

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Today I left the house running to a meeting that I had double-booked on top of a doctor’s appointment. Realized not even five minutes out the door that I had left my cell phone on my desk and decided to just go on without it so I wouldn’t miss the brief time that I could be in the meeting. Arrived at the meeting right on time and as I was waling up to the door it occurred to me that this meeting may have actually been scheduled for next week so I knocked on the door and when nobody came, I got back in my car to make it to my doctor’s appointment with about 30 minutes to spare. Wasn’t until I got home and checked my voice mail messages that I learned that, Yes, the meeting was in fact today and my friend was frantic to find out why when she opened the door she had seen me driving away. Oy vey.

I try to take in about 30 minutes of meditation time every day and this morning I let it slip by and thought that it wouldn’t make a difference. As you can see, yes in Lynn’s world it does make a difference. My mind can quickly become a very scattered place to live in a relatively short span of time without the gift of just stopping and letting all the information that I’ve been piling into my senses catch up with me so that I can let it go and reach for something higher. Again, I know there is some kind of quantum physics equation that could elegantly explain this, but alas as I am not a Quantum Physicist, I cannot do that. What I do know is that being quiet for at least 30 minutes a day does reset my clock somehow. Time expands.

So because I don’t have anything urgent that needs to get out the door right this chili-red hot second, I’m going to grab a glass of water, light an incense and take 30.

Why don’t you join me?