DINK #165 Manifesting Small Things And Manifesting Big Things…..

Posted on : 01-09-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized

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This weekend my mother-in-law and I went shopping. She’s of a similar shopping persuasion as me in that we both hate to shop. I’m my father’s daughter: I like to know what I need to purchase, visualize which store will best have what I need, enter and do a quick reconnaissance, spot, pick-up the merchandise and head-out for fresh air as soon as possible. As a shopping team, my MIL and I are great. She was able to find and purchase five shirts that she wanted for her sister and herself within half an hour of our tour and even remembered that I had talked about wanting a new purse.

We stumbled upon the section of the store that had purses and looked at a few varieties but my MIL saw the “one” that she knew I would like, which I surely did, and insisted on buying it for me. Almost as soon as I got the purse home I realized that it was almost exactly what I had been wanting in the way of a purse for a long time. Now, this may not seem like a huge deal to you but when something that I’ve been wanting (and pretty much not voicing) falls into my lap as effortlessly as this one did, I realize that I really don’t have a clue how this manifesting business works.

In my head, manifesting takes great energy, effort and focus. You’re supposed to write what you want to manifest down in a specific way. You’re supposed to say out loud what you want. You’re supposed to feel the feelings of having what you want in your life…right? But, for this purse and me I pretty much did none of that. I did, however, really, really want it. I also really want a Mazda RX8!! I’m thinking if I can manifest the purse of my dreams, then maybe I can manifest the car of my dreams as well…right? Only trouble is when I visualize the Mazda RX8 it shows up in Eggplant purple and I’m unable to visualize it in the color I want (blue)!

So what is this manifesting thing all about? And if we really can manifest things into our lives that we want, where does prayer enter into the equation? Can we manifest things for other people through prayer or is manifesting only for one’s self and prayer only for others and never the two shall meet? These are the things that keep me awake at night or at least keep me from putting too much effort into either. Prayer and manifesting are good things for one to contemplate.

Now I’m going to go snuggle up with my honey (who is a manifestation from my prayers) and watch some funny shows he downloaded on his IPAD (which he manifested from work through his hard efforts) along with our two dogs (who someone else manifested but then took to the pound so that then we would find them as an answer to our prayers).