Blog #20 Never Ever Ever Give Up!

Posted on : 10-04-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized

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Never Ever.

Keep going.

Never Give Up!

Reportedly Winston Churchill’s most famous address was to walk up to the podium and say, “Never Give Up!” and then he walked back to his seat.

I’m going to say more partly because that is who I am and partly because I’ve committed to blogging 100 blogs in a 100 days and I have lots to say!

I got totally filled up this morning after a phone conversation with my dear friend Kat. She helped me so much by acknowledging that I am an extremely creative person who loves to create and who also wants to make money. Well, many times I get caught up in this trap of believing that every creative idea that I come up with (and I come up with a lot!) has to be harnessed and seen through to fruition. What that belief does is to put the kabash on my playing which is what I do when a new creative idea springs forth from me. I’m playing with God about what I see that is possible and I’m just having a blast.

The important strings of creative thought that I can see through to the end, I do catch and keep going. The energy continues to be there for me to keep going. Like my desire to write to inspire and speak to inspire and interview to inspire and to “play” with humanity on a large scale so that they too can access the divine jester and feel the joy that I do. We all can.

I’m really amazed that ideas about what to blog about are continuing to flow forth so that here I am blogging #20. I trust that 80 more ideas will show up for me day-by-day so that I’ll have a new blog tomorrow. Some will be hits and some will be misses but they all contribute to making up the ingredients for a big ole pot of soup that God is stirring for me. I’m just following his instructions for ingredients and adding what he asks. I don’t know what the soup is going to be in the end or where it is going to be served or to whom but I am trusting the mystery of it all while its still in process.

Play! Create! Do your thing and whatever you do, d o n ‘ t g i v e u p!!!!!!