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Several years ago one of the members of our Toastmaster’s Group gave a speech that told the audience that not only do we have brain cells in our brains (of course!) but we also have brain cells in our hearts and guts as well.


I’ve since learned that he was almost (but not quite) right about that.  According Steven Novella, M.D. in the NeurologicaBlog, what many have actually confused is that brain cells and or neurons are the same. According to Dr. Novella they are not because of where and how the cells are located and most importantly how they function. Dr. Novella says, “There is a certain flavor of misconception that occurs when a cultural belief intersects a scientific factoid that superficially seems to support the belief. A powerful meme emerges to the effect of – science now proves what we have known/believed all along. Gurus latch onto this idea to provide apparent credibility to their mysticism. The media eats it up.”  Although I am not a doctor nor a student of neurology I can understand what Dr. Novella is saying and concur with his information.

With that said.  To me, our paying attention to the cells that communicate information to us kinesthetically is the most important piece to take away rather than whether those cells are brain cells (so they directly interact with our thinking brain) or neurons that relay information within our body to keep it running smoothly.  W H A T E V E R.   In my mind, the most important thing is for us to pay attention to our minds and bodies and listen to them. Information is being sent to us in all kinds of ways by our body all the time.

I would encourage Dr. Novella and other scientific thinkers to embrace the idea that, as he terms it, “mystical metaphors” and science can sit quite comfortably with each other in the same space.  It’s all about the language of how we communicate what we are experiencing to each other. So, if Dr. Novella and I were to get into a friendly chat over a cup of proper tea, I wouldn’t say to him what are your heart or mind thinking  and conveying to you but rather, do you notice if your body expresses feeling in a certain locale (heart expanding or constricting, guts tightening or loosening) when you experience certain incidents in your day-to-day life.  All of this information is connected and useful and worthy of finding a common road for sharing information with each other.

What is your brain and body telling you?

Thought for the Day:  Could you be preventing an interesting idea from taking root in your awareness about the world around you because of how it is conveyed to you?

Helpful Hint for Being Human:  We humans (dare I say all life on this planet Earth) are a glorious combination of so many things that we still have yet to uncover much less discover.  Be willing to keep an open mind for learning new ideas and find ways to transfer what you’ve learned that inspires other to consider what you have to say.

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