The Pop-up Window Version of Being Psychic-RAV005

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I’m sure someone (probably many someones) have come up with a more elegant way (see IONS article by Michael A. Jawer) of describing this particular manner of extra sensing that I have, but as my mind is want to do, my imagination has its own unique way of visualizing what it feels like when some extra sensory something “pops” open inside of me . The pop usually happens when I’m talking with someone about a person, pet or thing they care about.  In a matter of seconds, I feel flooded with a “knowing” about the subject of their concern and also a perspective about how said subject experiences life.  Thank God this usually happens with someone who knows me pretty well so that my sudden 3-D understanding doesn’t freak them out. Still, there have been a few times when it’s happened with someone who I don’t know very well. Like the time members of a group I belonged to had gotten together for a meeting to turn over responsibilities from older to newer members of the group. During the comfortable, easy chit-chat at the beginning, one of the Dad’s began talking about his son and spontaneously I was able to add in affirmations about what he was saying and include his son’s perspective.  It’s a good thing this Dad shares my same faith tradition and has a fairly open mind because he was pretty amazed that I “knew” his son so well without really knowing him.  Call it what you may, but I think that’s an example of when my pop-open-window ESP goes into effect.

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Most likely there is all kinds of evidence that can support whatever is the most comfortable theory you have for explaining this phenomena of knowing.  Use whatever works best for you. The point of my sharing this with you is not only because I think it’s way freaking cool and fun when it happens but also for me to remember and in turn help you to remember that it’s important for us to ask permission first if we may share what we are sensing.  Really, it’s just good manners and might help you to not freak out others as often as you might otherwise.

Thought for the Day:  All kinds of special “gifts” come to us and can be used through us to help ourselves and others.  Hopefully, we can recognize them as gifts so that we can respect them for what they are and their effect upon ourselves and others.

Helpful Hint for Being Human:  We have just begun to crawl towards the edge of our awareness of what it means to be human.  Keep an open mind and embrace the everyday miracles of being us.



After all, We Are All Made of Energy-RAV004

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Before any of you ask let me say,  no I am not a Quantum Physicist,  but I have read, experienced and studied about energy and humans from BIO-100 onwards through reading various articles by scientists and or researchers such as those at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (see Ken Smith ) and I’ve put two and two together that we’re all made up of some form of energy.  When I speak of energy what I am referring to is that quality of  our being that communicates so much information whether it be at the molecular or quark level.

In other words, that “spark of our being.”




What is making me think of such a heady topic as the one about humans being made of energy you may wonder Dear Reader? Social Media.  Or even more what I have experienced over and over again through digital communication that I have not heard or read very many people talk about and that is the “energy” that can be picked up digitally.  I have no idea how that works (yet, but I’m investigating so please do share with me if you have some info on this) but I believe we humans do pick up and give energetic signals through our various digital media.  Think of it as being a very sophisticated communication tool that is expressed from us energetically,  at some particle level perhaps, and that each of us are constantly giving and receiving many times throughout the day. Hmmm.  Sure does cause me to pause and wonder about how I respond and react digitally.  And about that digital thumbprint. I bet someday, somewhere an AI will be able to “read” what I’m writing about here today and we’ll all just be amazed at how much we didn’t know about ourselves.

Thought for the Day: If we are all made of energy and if energy weaves in and out through various properties in ourselves and all that is material then perhaps we really are all connected and if so, how are we disciplining ourselves for this interaction and connection with each other?

Helpful Hint for Being Human: Breathe deeply and be still with all that is, there you will find peace within the surrender and acceptance of who you are.