Blog #94 I See People!

Posted on : 23-06-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized

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Remember that movie “The Sixth Sense” with Bruce Willis when the little boy said in a choking voice, “I See Ghosts”…well, with humor of course, I want you to hear that same tone of voice when you read the title of this blog, “I See People”.

I see people everyday, of course, we all do. The difference is, I really do “see” people meaning I’m intuitive/psychic as heck and “get” a whole lot of stuff about people often times without knowing much about them and sometimes even without seeing them (but talking with them over the phone).

Well, you may say to yourself, what a gutsy thing for this Professional Life Coach to put out there for the entire universe to read about her. Yes, you may be right. There is a lot of ignorance and prejudice against people who say they are intuitive and there is this unwritten rule that says business and intuition…never the two shall meet. Oh, you can talk about it in whispered tones inside of cubicles or shut up in a restroom but don’t dare bring it out in front of a corporate board meeting. Not really. After all, we need to have facts and figures to justify how well the business is doing.

Yes we do need the numbers and facts AND don’t throw the baby out with the bath water (how the heck did that saying ever come around anyway…you know someone at sometime must have thrown a real live baby out with the bath water…but I digress). Over the past few years, I’ve met some pretty spectacular CEOs of business who are very professional, very smart and very, very intuitive. The ones who are sharing that bit o’ information with their companies or other professionals are consultants. Very few CEOS share with the cadre of people who make up their company that an important piece of their greatness is their intuition and their ability to tap into it at will.

The book inside of me that is anxious to come out is how I have learned to slow myself down to a gentle jog and embrace all the seemingly itinerant parts of what makes me, “me”. One of which is the BOOGA BOOGA (as Intuitive Consultant Patricia Sun would say) part of me that just “knows” things about people and situations. My hope is that with this book, “I See People” I can inspire others to come on out of the psychic closet and let the world know who they are…”I’m a mommy of two, a loving wife, a powerful CEO of a successful company AND I use my intuition on a regular basis thank God”.

Intuition is not a curse word people! I’m sure if we wanted to get really clinical about it there is some Neuroscientist out there who can explain the feverish pitch that our synapses and awareness works at so that it is really not intuition but our brain….OKAY…call it whatever you need to in order to feel comfortable but for me, today, I’m going to use the word intuition.

And I’m an intuitive person who loves animals. But guess what, I don’t like Granola. And guess what, when I’m working I prefer to use my time very efficiently and effectively. So I’m climbing out of the box. I’m poking my head right through the cardboard ceiling of definitions for how executives and entrepreneurs “should” be coached. I’d much rather tap into that great invisible network that is available to us all to help someone else discover who they are and go after what they want to do with their lives.

A question that stuck with me today from Intrigue Expert and Author Sam Horn ( was what book are you looking for that you cannot find on the shelves because it is waiting inside of you to be written? And for extra credit, What do your clients/people in your life say over and over to you (about you/about what you do, etc.) that you could put into a conversational catch face to voice the zeitgeist?

Come out, come out wherever you are!