NEXT011 Removing the Distractions to Your Greatness!

Posted on : 26-04-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Leadership

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A few years back I used to have a re-occurring dream where I’d find myself in a room full of people running around in confusion, anger and fear (would have made Freud’s heart palpitate for sure) and at sometime in the midst of all the chaos I’d simply let out one clear note of sound out of my mouth that would end up filling the room which would, of course, make everyone just stop and look at me. And they weren’t so much looking at me as recognizing me because they had dropped their distractions.

I share this dream with you oh dear wonderful readers not to boast about my own greatness but rather to help you to recognize the distractions that you allow to get in the way on your path to greatness.

Through the ages many wise souls have told us over and over again through their stories and songs for us to not be distracted by the gifts of the Giver but to go for the Giver him/it/herself.  I believe that each of us has within us the capacity to be the first special brand of who we are (and there is no one else in the world exactly like you).  All of our gifts come in many shapes, sizes, colors and themes.  What may be one person’s tragedy may be another person’s gift and so on and so forth.  For some reason, a scene from the  movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” when all the different kinds of space ships come out of the sky and fly over our heroes comes to mind.  We are as wide and have as much variety as snowflakes from the sky.

We are so distracted by all the wonders and horrors we have created around us that we cannot see or feel the ultimate greatness within us.

I’m not suggesting that in the middle of a board meeting that’s run amok that you all of a sudden begin singing (although I bet you’d pretty much get the attention of everyone in attendance) but rather for you to notice what and who you are allowing to distract you with their fears etc. from stepping into your own greatness.  I’ve done the two step in and out of what I think is my own special kind of greatness but from what I can remember when I am on my path and plugged into Divine Order, the words that come out of my mouth feel clear, the thoughts coming into my head are singular and with direction and my heart is able to discern wisely with empathy.

What if all of us took one step towards our greatness today, think of what possibilities we could do.