DINK #294 Noticing Your Big Self And Your Little Self At The Same Time!

Posted on : 11-01-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized

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I’m still stuck on the idea that every moment is an eternal one which causes me to ponder on the theory that in every moment we are living all kinds of possibilities as posited in the “String Theory” which I can just barely hold in my brain to think about.  So given the idea that there may be a “Lynn” in another dimension/universe who is that famous actress that I loved to pretend to be when I was younger or the Jane Goodall equivalent studying big cats in their wild habitat or a philanthropist who creates many vehicles to empower and free people to be who they want to be…..well it’s not such a great leap for me to notice  that there is an “observer” inside of my consciousness who recognizes both my small self and big self simultaneously!

Maybe that’s a good thing when we can recognize both our little selves and or big selves at the same time….it certainly can keep us grounded and aware of our egos.  I guess I’d better define what “little self” and “big self” means to me.  To me, little self means the part of me that is really persuaded by the ego, it’s the part that can be seduced by fear and often it’s the part that shrinks my self esteem because of doubt, worry and anxiety.  The big self is the higher consciousness self that is connected to the bare bottom thread of what I understand “God” is which is to say the connection to “One” and the collective consciousness.  The Big Self is confident and hopeful about what is happening in the present as well as what will happen in the future. The Big Self understands and uses every single choice, decision and path we have taken in our past.

It’s kind of funny to realize and observe both selves in your every day life too! Take today for instance, I’ve stayed in my jammies all day long. I’ve been writing a lot and communicating with all kinds of people as well as attending various inspirational and thought provoking “work shops” via the telephone and internet all in the comfort of my own home and in my jammies with sleeping dogs afoot. Today has been a day of birthing ideas and sending out notices to see which one will catch hold and grow.  All of these activities were definitely inspired by my Big Self.  At the same time, my little self would send up smoke signals now and then with doubts of the future and writing on the walls with a myriad of possible failures.  I’ve learned that I can’t pay too close attention to the smoke signals because I’m very easily hypnotized and can succumb to their mind numbing call pretty quickly if I’m not paying attention.

The good news about being able to observe your Big as well as little selves is that you can see/hear the directional choice for your life at that moment.  You can decide to pay closer attention to the Big Self and delve deeper for clarity and if you’re at all interested in psychology (like I am!) you can notice the fracas that your little self throws your way from in-attention and wonder how many times you must have decided to listen to your little self in the past and chosen the path of the dark tunnel instead.  Besides being interesting, that kind of awareness can help us to make different choices if/when we come across the familiar little self voice in the future.  With this awareness we can also help others who may be coming up the path behind or beside us and help them to remember the choice as well.

What are you noticing today about your Big Self and little self?