Programs & Fees

“What would you attempt today if you knew you would not fail?”

Lynn Kindler Coaching

Coaching Methods

  1. “Cut to the chase” 20 minutes of laser focused coaching, monthly spot checking coaching and group coaching calls.
  2. One-on-one–by phone or in-person
  3. 1/2 day to 3 day or longer retreats for groups including Executive retreats, Wise Woman retreats and People “who want to grow” retreats! Also Teleclasses.

Person-to-person in Austin, Texas or World-wide by telephone.


Lynn’s powerful Coaching sessions are offered three ways (all include unlimited e-mails and quick check-in phone calls in-between):

Cut to the Chase laser-focused Coaching – 20  minutes ($40) [donate amount=40.00]
Ten 20 minute Cut-to-the-Chase Coaching Calls (your schedule choice) $350 [donate amount=$350.00]
Cut to the Chase Coaching Program ($300) [donate amount=$300.00]
Corporate Zest Three 20-minute Laser Focus Coaching Calls 9x per month ($500) [donate amount=$500.00]
Monthly as-you-need-it Coaching either by phone or face-to-face ($1000 for 11 months) [donate amount=$1000.00]

Other: Current client rates, retreats, etc. (Please contact me for more information).